Four Reasons Why Fanny Packs are a Summer Must Have

Fanny packs have been making a comeback for a while now, and for good reason — they are versatile, hands-free, and due to a few recent updates, they aren’t bad on the eyes either. Just think about it: How great would it be to never have to worry about losing your purse, or having your phone fall out of your pocket? While I know there is a lot of hate out there about this super functional carryall, I definitely think the positives outweigh the negatives. Here are four reasons why fanny packs are a summer must-have accessory:

They’re a Fashion Statement – Fanny packs are no longer just for tourists and dads. They come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes that they are now a fashion statement. Brands like Gucci, Supreme, and FILA all make unique fanny packs that are just as much cool as they are convenient.

They’re Completely Hands-Free – Whether you are dancing around at a festival or waving your hands in the air at Disney Land, no one wants to worry about a purse when they are having fun. This hands-free pouch will keep all your belongings safe so you can have a carefree time this summer.

They Are Comfortable and Light Weight – Don’t hurt your back by slinging your purse over one shoulder or carrying a heavy backpack. Instead, opt for a lightweight and comfortable fanny pack. If you have a lot of activities planned or are running errands all day, a fanny pack will take the weight off your shoulders, literally.

You Won’t Lose Anything – No need to rummage through your giant tote or backpack! Fanny packs sit around your waist so that you can easily see into the pouch and find your goodies at a moment’s notice.

Overall, Fanny Packs are the perfect addition to any outfit, no matter the occasion! Do you think you’ll be copping one for the summer? Let us know below!



KHEEEZUS, also known as Khalia Iris or LiiaFamouszx (on Myspace) is a 23-year-old DJ and content creator from Brooklyn, NY. Khalia is a proud Howard University Alumna and lover of all things Hip-Hop. She likes to dabble in fashion too from time to time ;-) Check her out: | IG + Twitter: @Kheeezus

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