From The Bodega To Showtime: Catch Our Guys Desus & Mero’s New Hit TV Show Every Thursday Night

What is a late-night talk show with out the works of comedic parodies, diverse conversation of current events, and an array of open dialogue over topics some people just aren’t bold enough to talk about ? It isn’t one that’s what. The up and coming talents of the Bronx-bred duo, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero delivers all of that and more. With roots of Jamaican immigrants and Dominican ancestry mixed with a bit of New York flavor, the diversity amongst these two has created an identity only this show represents. From the Timberlands, to the fitted caps, to even the New York “gang gang” hand signs, only Desus and Mero can unleash the authenticity of their culture to our late night television screens.

While success doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes the reality of what our success story  could actually become are of things that we least expect. Desus then,  a writer for a website and Mero a Teacher’s Aide for an inner-city school, are no strangers to this concept. Your average 9-5 joes leveled up by simply dishing out jokes and having a natural comedic flare on social media. People recognized not only the humor but the genuine raw connections amongst each other, which lead to then launching their well-know pop culture podcast, “The Bodega Boys.” 

46 podcast episodes and a whole television network later, Desus and Mero have now made their way to our television screen once again as they premiered their first show on Showtime last Thursday, February 21, 2019. Breaking late-night television history, the boys celebrated their well deserved success with a, “Welcome To the Bronx” premiere party featuring good friend, and Dj for the night, The BodegaHive Queen herself, Vashtie. From being apart of their last show on Viceland to celebrating the beginning of something bigger and better, Vashtie couldn’t be happier for the two. 

You can catch these Boogie Down Bronx boys giving us the rundown on current events dealing with pop culture, politics and so much more featuring a wide range of your favorite guests every Thursday night at 11PM ET/PT on Showtime or YouTube.

Photos by Edwin Ortiz

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