Fujifilm Introduces Instax Mini 9 In New Vibrant Colors

We might recommend for Vashtie to put her current Polaroid camera to rest for a while–and you may need to, also! Earlier in the week, Fujifilm announced their new updated line of their popular instant cameras, the Instax Mini 9.

The new edition comes in multiple colors, including Flamingo Pink, Cobalt Blue and Lime Green. And the updates don’t stop there. Fujifilm has also enhanced this camera by adding a mini, reflective mirror next to the lens for the perfect Polaroid selfie, a “high-key” mode to capture the perfect lighting in pictures and a new removable close up lens. If you still have film for your old camera, no worries. The film from the Instax 8 version is still usable on the updated cameras.

The Instax Mini 9 will selectively be available in April. The Cobalt Blue and “Smoky White” versions will be released come June.

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