Gary Land Releases Photo Book of Basketball Badass Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson has a reputation that precedes him with 14 seasons in the NBA, 11 All-Star appearances, an M.V.P. title, and an induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame all without ever winning a championship ring. Iverson is celebrated for being an electric force on the court as well as being one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history. His ability on the court was only matched by his unapologetic personality and his commitment to being himself. From having his mother braid his hair on the Philadelphia 76ers’ court side to wearing some of the baggiest clothes we’ve seen on his 6’0 frame photographer, Gary Land set out to shed some light on AI the husband, father, friend and basketball enthusiast.


Photo by Gary Land



Photo by Gary Land

Land released a limited edition, 272-page photo book that follows AI throughout his professional life and into his home gaining unprecedented access to the fiery baller. Iverson faced a lot of criticism during his career for his emotional outbursts on the court, his habit for breaking NBA dress code and was often scrutinized for his “thug-like” appearance with cornrows and visible tattoos. Land tells Fader: “He’s got his flaws but when it comes down to it, he’s a normal person with an extraordinary gift that has touched a lot of people and will continue to touch a lot of people.” This photo book shines light on Allen Iverson as a loving family man, dedicated athlete and living legend.

Pre-order your copy of A.I. here.

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