The Get Down Is Back for Season 2

If you weren’t binge watching The Get Down on Netflix with the rest of us back in August then you got to do better. With the help  of multiple contributors  including icons like Nas and Grandmaster Flash (who is responsible for making DJ’ing an essential aspect of Hip- Hop next to Dj Cool Hurt), we were introduced to a range of characters who made it so difficult for us to not pay attention.

In the movie, everyone literally has some type of story line or an unpredictable connection to another character. Here’s a run down of the characters that you need to know in order to  get into the series and a preview of what’s to come for season two.

Justice Smith plays Ezikiel, who discovers his talent in rapping, is in love with Mylene, was given an internship by Mylene’s uncle in order to get out the Bronx.

Herizen F. Guardiola used to flex on Ezikiel in the beginning because he didn’t seem mature enough but eventually falls for him, attempts to support his efforts in rapping while going for her dream as a singer. Her angel-like voice (inspired by Donna Summer )draws in everyone  (including record labels)  except for her very religious dad (who we find out was hiding his past prison life)BUT eventually sees the light of what she’s doing at the end of Season 1.

Shyrley Rodriquez plays Regina Diaz (the third one to the back) and Stefanée Martin as Yolanda Kipling (directly behind Mylene) play the roles of  Mylene’s best friends who sing with Mylene and support her dream as a famous singer.

Shamiek Moore stars as Shaolin Fantastic who knows the ins and outs of the  streets. He attempted to fighr Ezikiel to get a record back (which he fails to do) but end’s up becoming Ezikiel’s right-hand man throughout the season. Not only is Fantastic studying under Grandmaster Flash to be a great DJ, but he also has loyalty to Big Anne (who’s responsible for a lot of  the drug movement going on in the Bronx ) for status and monetary reasons. At the end of the season, he compromises with Big Anne to let him DJ for Ezikiel and the crew while selling drugs.

Jaden Smith plays a dope bisexual graffiti artist named Marcus or “Dizee” who’s apart of the rap crew “The Fantastic 4 Plus One”. He’s very loyal to the friend group and a great  contribution to the crew.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays “Cadillac” who’s prominent in the music industry along with DJ Malibu who Mylene tries to impress but realize it isn’t worth it. Cadillac is also infuriated by the relationship between his mother Big Anne and Shailon Fantastic.


Mamoudou Athie plays Grandmaster Flash who is everyone’s DJ idol especially Shaolin Fantastic’s. Grandmaster guides him in his confidence and skills to DJ. There was a bootleg tape of his mix  going around that the crew (The Fantastic 4 Plus One) was accused of making but the truth eventually came to surface that it was a different crew of boys doing the dirty work.


“The Get Down” stars, from left, Skylan Brooks, Justice Smith, Tremaine Brown Jr., Shameik Moore, and Jaden Smith as The Fantastic 4 plus One who hold the talents that make up the 4 elements of hip hop : Dj’ing, B-boying, Graffiti, and the MC

Lillias White plays Big Anne who will kill you or have you killed  if you mess with he drug business. She also has a slight obsession with Fantastic. With her you cant decipher rather she wants Shailon as a son or as her lover.



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