Get Your Life With Yaya Bey’s New ‘The Many Alter-Egos Of Trill’eta Brown’ EP

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Politically aware singer and poet Yaya Bey has blessed the internet with her debut EP, The Many AlterEgos Of Trill’etta Brown. Throughout the 10-track project, the New York native embraces the fullness and multi-faceted aspects of black womanhood. On featured cut “Get $ Trixie,” she sings a soulful melody over strumming guitar strings. “You may not know it, but you sure do show it,” Bey croons as the guitar sings.

Fueled by new age soul and hip-hop, Trill’etta Brown explores everything from state violence and misogyny to self-love. The bold lyricism aside, the visual artistry is an integral aspect of the project. The project’s multimedia rollout includes an EP, book, and a digital collage which were all two years in the making.

“I really wanted to do something that was full,” Bey told ESSENCE“I always saw representations of Black women that were half-assed, like one dimensional or two dimensional at the most and I wanted something where people could hear it, they can see it, they can read it and digest it in so many different ways.”

Listen to The Many Alter-Egos of Trill’etta Brown below:

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