‘Get Out’: Now You’re in the Sunken Place

When was the last time you’ve seen a movie that touched the surface of just about every genre, and succeeded? Have you seen Get Out yet? This film was impeccably made with smooth transitions from horror to laughter and even celebration. Written and Directed by Jordan Peele, Get Out has done numbers in the box office just within the opening weekend. $30.5M to be exact. But as we know, you can’t win them all.

So what’s the beef with some viewers? Why are they offended by this film that we’re all sunken in and can’t stop talking about it? With blatant racial differences as the base of the film, I think it’s safe to say it may have touched a soft spot for some moviegoers. Some have deemed it as racist but for others, it depicts the truth of the African American experience past, present and debatably, the future. As we’ve seen in previous films, directors have taken their point of view on slavery. Peele’s Get Out takes on the subject with a modern twist and perspective while encrypting  a piece of dialogue that isn’t highlighted in your common thought-provoking film in the realms of race. Don’t want be a spoiler and spill the tea, but we all want what we don’t have.

Yes, it’s a highly sensitive time in the world; especially with the Trumpster in office, but we have our own knowledge of self and our gifts to share them through. Truth hurts, and sometimes it just may be hard to stomach. Also for those who don’t know, Jordan Peele is married to a white woman and comes from a biracial family, just a spin on the classic, “Hey, I like black people. I have a black friend!” buffer we so often hear.

I encourage everyone to see this film, regardless if you’re ‘black, white, green, purple or orange’; its beautifully shot and written, its smart, funny and scary. You’ll leave the theater talking about different pieces and how they tied back at some point of the film and understand, why we just can’t stop talking about Get Out.

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