Grace Jones Documentary Expected To Release in 2017

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In what is being described as a doc-biopic, director, Sophia Fiennes and the iconic Grace Jones will soon debut their film: Grace Jones–The Musical of My Life. The endeavor has taken ten years to capture what Fiennes calls,“a multi-narrative journey through the private and public realms of the legendary singer and performer.”

“This project with Grace has been an extraordinary journey ‘following the Yellow Brick Road’. We look forward to welcoming her audience to participate in our film and contributing to conjuring the Grace magic.”–Sophia Fiennes

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What should we expect? What new faces of Ms. Jones will be introduced?

Bond girl. Walking art. Avant garde pioneer. Muse. Rebel. Music icon. Often imitated, never duplicated. There’s so much we’ve seen of the legend already, and each time she speaks or stands under the spotlight, she never delivers what she gave before. She’s always brand new. However, this aspect of her personality makes her enigmatic in some ways. She’s larger than life but still human–with an origin story and quirks, just like the rest of us. So shall we delve a bit deeper into some interesting facts about Grace Jones? Might as well, seeing as her documentary is expected to hit UK cinemas later in the year.

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She was born in Jamaica and raised by her grandparents in a religious home. Grace was often teased at school for her skinny frame but never confronted the taunting with much gusto. She was very shy and meek.

 At one point during the filming of Conan, The Destroyer, Arnold Schwarzenegger lamented that Jones was “too tough”. This complaint was also repeated by Roger Moore, the director of the James Bond film, A View to a Kill.

She had close friendships with late artists, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

Disney slapped a lifetime ban on her after she exposed her breast during a live performance in Walt Disney World. Yup, that happened.

Grace’s vocal range is impressive. She can switch back and forth from contralto to soprano–that’s two-and-a half octaves! This explains her ability to take on extremely high notes as well a deep pitched masculine tones.

There was a time in the ’70s when she roomed with models, Jessica Lange and Jerry Hall in Paris. At one point, the three beauties attend an event ripe with French politicians. Jones showed up with a necklace adorned in bones–and nothing else.

She credits her rebelliousness to her brother, Christian. He didn’t fall into their parents norms and expectations as he “walked with a swish” and aspired to become a DJ. Grace stood firm at her brother’s side and defended him as he carried on to be himself.

The title, “The Queen of Gay Discos”, was given to her due to her love of  New York nightclubs and Studio 54.


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