Gucci Mane is Making Mental Health Matter


For some reason, mental health is often placed on the back burner, viewed more as something “crazy” people have to attend to. Sadly, it is this disturbing misrepresentation of the truth that has created a painful stigma. Recently, we’ve watched as our favorite artists collapsed at the hands of mental instability, further crippled by the cruel pressures of the media.

Despite these occurrences, it seems like the industry has maintained its silence and not addressed the underlying issue.Instead, onlookers continue to watch, comment, and judge, failing to recognize that mental illness is something millions suffer from and struggle with daily.

A seemingly unlikely candidate, Gucci Mane has taken a bit of stand on the matter. In his recent post-prison interviews, Gucci appears comfortable in his vulnerability, openly speaking on his addiction to lean, his often debilitating anxiety, and paranoia.

A drastic contrast from the trap star’s boogie man demeanor, Wop opens up to the world in his interview with Highly Questionable on ESPN, showing an emotional side rarely seen in the hip hop community. Instead of concealing his battles with PTSD and addiction, Gucci explores his experiences with his audience, showcasing a candidly mature and reformed Gucci Mane.

In a time where a vast majority of hip hop hits are saturated with content glorifying drug and alcohol abuse, Gucci Mane provides an OG perspective that could perhaps help others silently struggling with similar issues.

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