Gucci Mane Releases New EP and Teases Upcoming Album


Gucci Mane has been on a roll, well excluding his stint behind bars, he’s never really stopped.  He’s healthy and thriving and has produced an elevated series of projects since his release and has yet again blessed us with more.

Gucci just dropped 3 For Free, a 3 track EP and it goes very, very hard.

For those unsure of what to make of this “new” Wop due to his recent appearance upgrade and eradication of poison, this EP will certainly remind you that the Trap God still reigns supreme. Gucci’s approach is effortless, he’s cut from a very rare cloth, making music is almost 2nd nature to him. Although the news of the release may not be as surprising as say, Frank Ocean or the like, he somehow manages to excite his audience time and time again.

What’s more? He let the world know that he has another album coming, Droptop Wizop.

I don’t know if our ear drums can endure much more, but we have a bit of time to prepare in anticipation for another album from the GOAT.

Stream the EP below, make sure your volume is all the way up.


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