Gucci’s Historical Operating Room for FW18

When you look up the words “Gucci” and “decapitated,” you’ll find two things:  Gucci Mane and his song “Decapitated” from 2014 and  Gucci ‘s latest Milan show during FW18 featuring models carrying their own head down the runway.  Just days ago, the luxury brand made news with not only  because they have new threads on the way, but because they stepped out the box, used their stage setting as operating room, and had their models strutting their own heads as accessories (made by Makinarium, a factory in Rome), Along with implementing head carrying, Alessandro also had one of his models carrying a dragon in his hands while another modeled a third eye.

If you’re wondering how Alessandro Michele’s concepts came about,  we got the answers. Michele was inspired by the headless looks of a cephalophore during ancient times in which referred to saints who would be beheaded. In addition to that, Michele was also inspired by a book called “Legend of the baby dragon in the jar,”  in which tells the real story of an author who staged finding a dragon inside of his garage in England. Last but not least, Michele felt that the operating room setting was appropriate for his show because it demonstrated how you could change the personalities and identities of individuals by altering and reconstructing fashion pieces.

This isn’t the first time that the designer has orchestrated unpredictable themes on the stages  of fashion. Last year, the designer used various versions of alien heads on his models to sport his looks and he clearly has no intentions  on slowing down.  Even though Gucci is serving us history through his latest fashion moment, Michele also teaches us that fashion is nothing without it’s imagination or it’s power to stimulate conversation. Was this your favorite Gucci show ? Let us know here at!


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