Hair Accessories For Every NYE Look

2019 was a big year for accessories and hair accessories, in particular, became trendy and popular again. It only makes sense since we are ending a decade of which ordinate hair accessories began. This year we saw bobby pins and scrunchies make a come-back along with some other beloved accessories from the early 2000s and late ’90s. Now that we’re heading into a new year, those hair trends are a perfect way to jazz up your NYE look. Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple there is a hair accessory out there for you. Here are the year’s best hair fixtures for going into 2020 with style.

Jeweled Barrettes

Barrettes were major this year with bejeweled versions gracing the runway at Versace and Chanel. While you could wear these to dress up a casual day look, why not amp up your party outfits. Crystals and jewels in decorative designs and polished clips will lay lightly in tousled hair and provide a great option for half up/half down hairstyles.

Sparkling Headbands

A sparkling headband loaded with crystals, pearls or tiny spikes is a great addition to any end-of-the-year fit. For this updated version wear on top of slicked-back hair to really show off all its detail.

(Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Pearl Barrettes & Clips

Pearls had a big moment this year and the trend was not lost on hair accessories. The look can be both ladylike and edgy depending on how you wear them. A simple headband turns into a true statement piece when covered in pearls and looks classy, while simple pearl clips and barrettes can be edgy when mixed with dark metal.

Feathers & Fur

Feathers and fur trim add a glamourous feel when added to hairstyles. This year we saw the feather and fur trend on barrettes, headbands and hair clips. For NYE try adding a soft feather-adorned clip to your hair for a cozy look that is holiday-ready.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be both functional and cute. If your style is more minimalistic try a simple yet striking look by pinning hair with a row of several plain bobby pins. There are also jewel topped bobby bins for an easy look that has a blinged-out feel.

Hair Bows

If rhinestones and sparkles aren’t your thing, you can try a hair bow. The versions of this year were made from luxe and sophisticated velvet. What’s even better is that this look can be done DIY! Take a velvet ribbon and loosely tie back hair leaving a few pieces loose and falling. Rich and bold colors are timeless make a great statement on low ponytails.

Silk & Velvet Scrunchies

Another option for ponytails is the good old scrunchie. Velvet and silk options are an easy way to make a casual look feel a bit more dressed up. Try using it to put hair into a high pony or wrap one around a bun.

Ornate Head Coverings

If you want to go all out this season, try a full head covering. These beautiful coverings drape on top of the head almost covering the hair with dangling crystals and beads. With this daring look you are sure to be the stand out of any NYE festivities.

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