Happy Anniversary To An Adam Sandler Classic, ‘The Wedding Singer’


Back in 1998, Adam Sandler had hit us with another GEM featuring Drew Barrymore and even an appearance by Billy Idol in which we remember today as the Frank Coraci directed film, The Wedding Singer . From the “LOVE STINKS” anthem to Rosie paying Robbie Hart in meatballs to the admirable chemistry between him and Julia, we realized what persistence, character, and love really meant (or at least an ideal of what it could be like).

Adam Sandler who play Robbie Hart is no ordinary wedding singer. He’s a wedding singer who makes epic yet touching speeches at every reception,  has a soft side, a clear perception of what love should be, and an all around guy with pure intentions who plans to marry Linda except…she cheats on him.  Luckily for him with time, persistence, and a plan to expose Julia’s fiancé, he sweeps in just in time to stop her from marrying a fraud.

Here are 10 things that the 90’s classic taught us:

  1. Never cheat
  2. Personality and character will always reveal more about a person than looks.
  3. If you do cheat, more than likely you’ll regret it
  4. Someone is always watching every move so never get too comfortable with anyone you actually care for.
  5. If she’s looking for a come up, dodge her
  6. Don’t listen to Billy Idol when your going through a breakup
  7. Don’t perform at a wedding if you’re upset, you might start venting about life
  8. Sometimes love stinks
  9. The only way to get revenge on your ex is to do you boo.
  10.  Bar mitzvah’s are lit.

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