Happy Birthday, Gucci Mane: A Throwback Of Five Favorite Tracks

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Before Gucci Mane topped the charts with collaborative records like “Black Beatles” with Rae Sremmurd, he was an underground artist with a street resume and story that’d scare the pants off most people.

Growing up in Albany, NY, Gucci Mane very quickly turned into someone we looked up to the same way kids in Brooklyn look up to Jay Z. For his birthday, I figured it’d only be proper to share five of my favorite cuts from “Mr. So Icy” himself.

Keep in mind these aren’t my absolute top five, just a selection of joints that I love by him.

Photo Shoot

“Photo Shoot” has to be one of Gucci’s most legendary records–and that’s a tough statement because he has so many. However, this song has stood the test of time.

If Gucci ever did a show and didn’t perform this song I’m pretty sure his die-hard fans would melt and ask for their money back. I remember first hearing this song in my best friend’s car on the way to the mall. We played it repeatedly until we parked, then continued to sing the song during our walk through–to the point that we even started using certain lyrics in real life conversation with other people. And when I was in high school, if you didn’t know the whole first verse like the back of your hand, you were NOT valid. Nobody wanted to hang with you or date you if you didn’t know this song. Gucci Mane really made it hard for some of us to flourish with this one. He also taught us that every waking day is indeed a photoshoot. So dress accordingly. Thank you, Uncle Radric.

I Think I Love Her

If 2016 didn’t turn out to work in Gucci Mane’s favor, I would’ve still had him as a legendary figure because of songs like, “I Think I Love Her.” I remember first discovering this song while in the car with my mother. She loved this song just as much as I did. We kept it on repeat for about 25 minutes. This song is probably one of the best trap love songs in hip-hop history. I’m actually going to play this at my wedding…if I ever end up getting married.

Feelin’ Myself

One thing about Gucci Mane’s music, it’s an automatic confident booster. Out of all the songs that can get you out of a self loathing mood, “Feelin’ Myself” will definitely make you want to run through your closet, put on a fire outfit and run around the town on the prowl. When I was in college I got dressed to this song more times than I’d like to admit. To the point when I’d meet with with my friends ,the first thing we’d say is “I got juice like Bishop.” Gucci Mane is really one of the best motivational speakers I know.


Now, I know this is a little recent, compared to some of the other songs on this list but this song really helped me get through 2013. I worked out to this song, sold sneakers to this song, drove to this song and of course, played it at every party I went to as soon as the aux cord was passed my way. There’s so many wonderful lyrics in this! I know people love to criticize the trap sub-genre, but Gucci Mane is one of those artists who really does well with great wit, humor and sharp lyrical content.

Trap House 3 (feat. Rick Ross)

Trap House 3, featuring the Boss Rick Ross, became iconic almost instantaneously. I always liked when Gucci teamed up with other trap/street legends like Rick Ross or even Cam’Ron.

This track specifically made me thirsty for more Rozay and Guwop collaborative efforts. To be quite honest, if they ever decided to do an EP, I wouldn’t be upset at all. Let’s be honest here, Uncle Gucci completely gave Ross an alley-oop on this one. I feel like this is one of the best Ross verses in recent memory. If this song doesn’t make you feel like you sold 400 imaginary bricks, I’m not quite sure what to tell you.

If you have any personal Gucci Mane favorites please feel free to drop them off in the comments, or take the conversation to  my Twitter: @killTURNHERkill.

Happy Gucci Mane Day!!!!

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