Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Another Day to Stay Woke


Today is not only a day you get to skip out on class or work for the day, but a day we celebrate the world working toward the common goal of equality. Martin Luther King Jr. who we knew as not only an influential preacher but also as one of the most active, impactful, and prominent Civil Rights leaders along with our other influential figures like Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali . Whether you are African-American, White, Latino, Asian, or all of the above you are familiar with MLK because he impacted the  rules and regulations by which our law operates on today.

No this country isn’t perfect whatsoever and that is exactly why it is so important to reflect on the significance of today.  Before The Civil Rights Act of 1968,  there were so many laws that worked against any person of color. Yes there has been much progress made since then but there is still  much work to do in order for the system to do right by ALL. .These days we wait for a viral tweet or some type of video to leak to notice the unfairness of the world when inequality still thrives right in front of our eyes within our own society in various ways. If we can learn anything from Martin it’s that being aware, standing up for what’s right, embracing our as well as others’ inner and outer qualities, and our need for leaders will continue to be something inevitably needed until the world is completely at peace.

Here are ten films to  keep you woke:

13th – Directed by Ava DuVernay, available on Netflix

Higher Learning– Directed by John Singleton, available for stream almost anywhere

History Makers: Courage

White People (MTV documentary)

Do The Right Thing – Directed by Spike Lee, available for stream just about anywhere

The Great Debaters – Directed by Denzel Washington

The Butler– Directed by Lee Daniels

Selma– Directed by Ava DuVernay

Fruitvale Station– Directed by Ryan Coogler

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow-Directed by Bill Jersey and Richard Wormser


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