Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Your Moon Sign

Ever wondered why you don’t completely relate to your zodiac sign? Well, we are complex and complicated beings with layers. We react to events, seasons and people differently, so it makes perfect sense that our personalities have layers too. In astrology, there are 3 main signs that determine our personalities. The rising sign, the sun sign and the moon sign all work together to dictate how we move and operate. Most of us know our sun sign and can even speak on its notable traits, but it is the moon sign where things get a little fuzzy. Sun and moon sign determination has been around for ages and thanks to an extreme interest in complete zodiac makeup, moon sign identification has become more popular and necessary to best understand how we act and react.

The sun sign decides our zodiac personality and is determined by the location of the sun during the month you’re born in. Often referred to as “self or ego,” the sun signs are how we present ourselves to the world. It represents the surface level of our traits and the way we openly react to the encounters of the world. Most of us know exactly what or sun sign is since all you need to know to determine it is your birthdate to determine it.

Conversely, the moon sign is the deeper, darker and more emotional side of our personalities. The moon sign represents the internal and vulnerable traits that are not directly shown to others. Also called the “heart” the moon sign helps us feel pleasure, pain, joy, and sadness. Unlike the sun, the moon takes just 1 month to pass through all of the signs and spends approximately 2- 2 ½ days in each sign. That said you need to know a bit more than your birthday to determine what your moon sign is. What you will need is the date, location and exact time of your birth. Thanks to the wonders of the internet all you need to do next is enter that information into a moon sign calculator (check out this one). Some people believe that because the moon sign is a truer representation of our inner mood and subconscious minds most people identify with their moon sign more than their sun sign.

Knowing your moon sign is great but similar to only knowing your sun sign you need to see how the signs work together. Traits occurring in the solar zodiac differ from traits that occur in the lunar zodiac. For example, Libra traits will manifest differently when determined as a sun sign then they would as a moon sign. Understanding the traits at their respective zodiacs will give the most accurate depiction of your personality and true self. Now that you know and are equipped with your sun & moon sign you can check your horoscope with more confidence. Here are a few apps you can check out to keep up with your horoscopes and astro-journey: Co-Star, The Daily Horoscope, Sanctuary Astrology, and Time Passage.

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