Here’s What We Know About The EWG Stamp and Why You Should Live By It

When it comes to clean beauty there are a lot of standards out there. There are rankings, ingredient lists, stamps, and seals. But when it comes down to it there is one that just outranks them all. That is the EWG stamp of approval. In a world of “clean” everything, from makeup to household products it’s easy to get sucked into hype and hoopla. Big retailers and corporate companies often set create their own guidelines dubbing products “clean” by their standard, and while that is good it’s important to note that it is their established standard and not an industry benchmark. For many products the American government does not require pre-market testing of the chemicals used in things like skincare products or makeup, making exposure to toxic ingredients much more than a chance. However, the Environmental Working Group is on a distinct mission to make us all informed.

What is EWG

The Environmental Working Group, or EWG for short, is an activist and advocacy group for toxicity levels of ingredients, chemicals, and pollutants. Their teams of scientists conduct research specializing in agriculture, consumer products, and drinking water. Through their research, they set the baseline for toxic chemicals that often become ingredients in the products we use daily. Where the government falls short, the EWG presents data and holds corporate companies accountable for the ingredients shown on labels online.

So when it comes to finding the most “clean” products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals, the EWG verified stamp is the one you want to look for. The stamp is an industry-standard, and thanks to extensive research, is viewed as the highest approval for clean products. In 2004 the EWG launched the Skin Deep database and made it easy for consumers to review products for toxic and harmful ingredients. Through the database, you can search for products by name and will be able to easily find a full list of the ingredients.

The Skin Deep team updates the database regularly to ensure that the information listed is of the most current formula on the market. The database includes categories for sun care, skincare, hair, makeup, fragrance, babies, oral care and men’s products. To receive the EWG verified stamp a product’s ingredient list must meet a high standard. Although the stamp is still it a bit elusive there are many brands making efforts to put more products on shelves that proudly display the verified stamp of approval.

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