Here’s Why Fenty Beauty’s ‘Beach, Please!’ Should Be In Your Summer Make Up Rotation

Less than a month ago a lot of us watched Rihanna’s 10 minute make up tutorial for Vogue’s YouTube channel. Aside from being amazed by Rihanna’s effortless make up look, we were intrigued by the new products she was using. First there was the bright yellow and deep fuchsia compact she was using as eye shadow and a highlighter, and then there was the rose gold shimmery lip-gloss. After seeing the use of these new products, many were excited to know were getting a new make up collection from Fenty Beauty. Beach, Please! By Fenty Beauty is just what we needed to create summer looks for the summer.

It is obvious to see that Beach, Please was inspired by some peoples favorite time of the year: summer. It would also be wrong to think that the collection is not inspired by her home island Barbados and its beaches. Beach, Please! Collection consists of Body Lava, Face & Body Kabuki Brush: 160, Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom, three Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duos, Cheek- Hugging Highlight Brush: 120, two Island Bling 2-in- 1 Liquid Eye Shimmers, and two Summer Daze/ Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trios. The Killawat Foil Freestyle Highlighters come in three different compacts described as weightless, long wear cream to powder hybrid highlighter duos with a hyper-metallic finish according to the Fenty Beauty site. The highlighter duos come in three different compacts; there is Mimosas Sunrise/Sangria Sunsent, Sand Castle/ Mint’d Mojito, and 7-Day Wknd/ Poolside.

L-R: 7 Day Wknd/Poolside, Mimosa Sunrise/ Sangria Sunset, Sand Castle/ Mint’d Mojito

Rihanna must be a fan of two for one special because the eye shadow shimmers come in two parts and there are two sets for the lip luminizer trios. The Island Bling 2- in -1 comes in to two different bottles, offering a base color on one side and a shimmer side on the other. The two bottles include Mamacita/Tini Kini in one and Summer Fling/Reignbow in the other. Continuing with the two for one theme, the Iridescent Lip Luminzers are separated into two sets, one for daytime and the other for night time. The Summer Daze set includes colors such as Single, Bilingual, and Ready to Mingle. These colors are bright and fun with tons of shimmer. The Summer Night set includes shades such as Snake Skin, Mermaid Thighs, and Vaycray. These shades are still shimmery but a bit darker.

The best thing about the highlighters in this collection is that they can be used in more than one way. Not only can they be used as a highlighter but due to the pigmentation of the colors they can also be used as an eye shadow. As far as the Island Bling 2-in-1 eye shadow goes, the fact that Rihanna chose to give her customers the choice in how dramatic they’d like their eye make up to look says a lot about her. Yes, she is offering looks but she’s also offering options. The base can be build up on using the shimmery side. Separating the Lip Luminizers was also a smart and nice touch, not all shades were created equal to wear all day. Most importantly in regards to the Beach, Please! Collection Rihanna also considered how one’s skin looks at night in the summer under the moonlight or street light glow hence not just bright and golden highlighters but also pastel and frosty shades, not all eye shadows reflect the same way under certain lights and the same can be said for the iridescent lip luminizers. Which product do you plan on buying

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