Here’s Why We’re Excited For Hip Hop Evolution’s Season 4

Hip Hop Evolution is back for season 4 and we, along with the rest of the hip hop lovers out there, could not be more thrilled. If you haven’t been following this enlightening docu-series along for the past 3 seasons you’re in for a binge-watching treat. The show, which originally aired on HBO Canada is a thoughtful deep dive into the origins of hip hop. Hosted by Shad K, Canadian hip-hop artist and music journalist, each episode digs deeper into hip hops roots and ties to cities across America.

The series airs in a chronological fashion and starts at the familiar birthplace of hip hop: The Bronx. As the episodes and seasons start rolling the story takes Shad on a star-filled journey and exposes many of the early pioneers of hip hop throughout the US. Between seasons 1 and 3 Shad interviews innovators like Afrika Bambaatta, Grandmaster Flash, Ice-T, Lil Kim, Diddy and Mos Def to name a few. One of the many things Hip Hop Evolution gets right is the history. As Shad and crew travel from state to state, we get an intense history lesson narrated by some of the forgotten greats. Slowly he unearths the underground scene of hip hop and telling the stories of how the sound and music moved from city to city.


The history lessons the show brings can’t be touched, but if seasons 1 and 2 were about the originators, then season 4 is for the kids. Episode 1 begins in New Orleans and the story of bounce music. From there the season moves through cities like Houston, Memphis, Virginia Beach, and Chicago. Season 4 picks up hip hops evolution from the end of the ’90s into the millennium and is all for millennial hip-hoppers. However, with just 4 episodes’ fans are already left wanting more. The original docu-series that began in 2016 may have only started as a 4 season deal. But its popularity has soared since being picked up on Netflix and talks of a new season (and seasons to come!) are in the works. Gaining respect from rappers, industry members and companies alike, Hip Hop Evolution is already going down as one of the greatest music docu-series. If you have not yet seen what all the talk is about, take some time, get cozy and binge-watch this extremely influential series, then tweet us your favorite moments @vashtie!

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