Here’s Why Women Love Lizzo

Lizzo is the outspoken, self-loving pop icon the industry and the world needs right now. Through her music, she tells her story, the ups and downs of her life and the rollercoaster ride to success her career has been. You may have only recently learned about her offerings past Billboard hits such as “Truth Hurts,” but Lizzo has been dishing her truth since2017 (when the song first debuted). Music aside, Lizzo takes to the stage and social media to share herself with the world. Proudly she uses her platform to speak positivity for all women, all bodies, and all sexualities.

Taking a quick scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see just how a normal person with real insecurities navigates the rising world of fame. That kind of bold reality is something we don’t see through the lenses of social media. On her account @lizzobeeating, Lizzo openly shares her struggles with depression and mental health right next to photos of her half-naked expressing self-love. Through her social media channels alone, Lizzo is fighting for an empowering change in the way we see women, the world and ourselves.

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In a recent article, Lizzo stated, “sexuality is something I only saw from supermodels and petite pop stars growing up—us big girls weren’t considered sexual beings, much less sexy”. So when it came to live performances Lizzo took the opportunity to enlighten the world that there is beauty in all bodies. Her entire dance crew, proudly named The Big Grrrls, dances and shakes it just as hard as she does on stage, oozing ferocity and confidence. The creative visuals behind her performances and videos boldly say I am me and I’m fucking great! She brings energy and charisma that is hard to ignore as a woman. It is liberating and empowering!

In the landscape of pop music, there are not many plus size women of color. Her determination to stay undefined as an artist and genre of music makes a force to be reckoned with and other powerful women are taking note. Rihanna recently spoke of Lizzo being all that her Savage x Fenty lingerie line embodies and expressed a possible collaboration in the future. Yes, Lizzo is exactly what the industry and world need right now. She is unapologetically herself and we could all learn more than a thing or two from her. If you are still skeptical of the powers this superwoman holds, take a minute to view her viral performance from the recent VMA’s. Watch and be amazed.

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