Here’s Why You Should Be Scraping Your Tongue

When you go to the dentist, one thing they may ask is if you’re flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day. Of course you say yes, because you’re great at keeping up with oral hygiene. But are you ready to take things a step further with a tongue scrapper? No, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s a great way to get a deep clean and remove bacteria that’s sitting on your tongue. A tongue scraper us a U shaped tool that can be plastic or metal and has a smooth edge. The smooth edge us placed at the back of the tongue and moved forward to remove bacteria. After each sweep, rinse it off and repeat.

Here are three reasons why you should add a tongue scraper to your daily routine:

Bad Breath: Bad breath not only comes from the food you eat, but bacteria on your tongue. Using a scraper twice a day can remove any bacteria left in your mouth after a full day of vegan goodies. Studies show that removing bacteria on your tongue regularly eliminates 68% of halitosis.

Improved taste: Yes, the roasted red pepper hummus you bought tastes amazing, but imagine how much more amplified your tastebuds will be after a good scraping. Using a scraper to remove particles left on the tongue  can actually improve your taste long term.

Overall health of teeth and gums: Let’s face it, brushing is not enough and neither is floss. You do a great job of taking care of your mouth but taking this extra step can help fight gum disease as well. Toxins can excrete through the tongue and not removing that bacteria can lead to more serious immune system dysfunction.



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