Hey Arnold! Makes a Return

A couple weeks ago, a 90’s kids fan favorite cartoon made an appearance at Comic-Con. This wasn’t the typical Comic-Con feature as it was the revival of the hit tv show Hey Arnold!

The upcoming TV movie, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, made its debut in a room filled with fans who showed up to welcome the football-headed teen back into their lives. Arnold was one of those characters that everyone could relate to. The show showed us what teen life would be like as the characters had real life problems that everyone could learn fun.

Series creator Craig Bartlett introduced the footage from The Jungle Movie, which picks up right where the original 1996-2004 series left off at. Helga, who seems to be in love with Arnold, is caught as she had secretly been filming Arnold the entire course of the series.

The clip showed off some of the returning characters who will accompany Arnold in his TV return including folks like Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man.

The film finds Arnold and his friends winning a trip to the jungle, which Arnold hopes will give him answers about his long-missing parents. Bartlett also showed off a sneak peek of the jungle outfits that the characters will be wearing throughout the movie.

It’s important that this film come out as to show the newer generation the tv shows that 90’s kids grew up with. Shows with more substance. Since the end of shows like Hey Arnold! , CatDog , The Rugrats…there hasn’t been any other cartoons to live up to the hype that our cartoons were able to live up to.

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