The Hood Incubator Helps POC Get Into The Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry begins to grow, more states are legalizing the drug and opening up more doors for people to venture into that business. Unfortunately, the main people that are involved in the cannabis industry are still predominately white males, while women are left out and people of color are still being incarcerated for the same exact thing. The Hood Incubator is a startup company that focuses on helping people of color transition into the legal cannabis industry.

The culture behind cannabis itself is very diverse but more so illegally among people of color and less likely with women. Weediquette is a show that takes the audience through the culture of cannabis from every angle. One episode in particular is about a man in Atlanta that sells to mainly athletes. But since marijuana is still illegal in Georgia, he has to do so secretly but plans to move to a legal state.

Another episode takes a more indepth look at women in the industry. Women in the cannabis industry make up about 36 percent of the executive positions in the industry. While this is high compared to other sectors of the business world, it is still low when compared to percentage of men doing the same thing.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more states legalize the plant, hopes that companies like The Hood Incubator make a difference and continue to turn around the diversity issue within the growing industry.

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