How To Travel The World On A Broke Boy/Broke Girl Budget

Let’s be honest, how many times do you scroll down your timeline and see someone you follow living their best life traveling all around the world as if it was their side hustle, but you know they’re on that 9-5, just like you. Cool for them but maybe sucks for you, because you’re trying to figure out how they’re able to jump on a plane and basically vacay till their back burns (Word to Jay-Z). Who knows how they’re so lucky, but I’m here to tell you how you can get a dose of that same energy, while maybe being on a smaller budget whether you need to or not.

1. Google Is Your Friend

We use Google for our medical diagnosis, why not use it for your travel necessities? Think about the type of place you would love to go, and search for cheapest places that offer that vibe. Want to go some place tropical? Search for the top five places with a gorgeous beach, but doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. Whatever you search, google will let you know what each location is going to cost you, what you’re going to need, and what to even expect while you’re there. That way you can prep and prepare to save up your coins!

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2. Hostels & AirBNB’s

It’s time for you step out of the box, and get out of this hotel phase. Don’t get me wrong a hotel bed is like no other, but if we are balling on a budget, booking a Hostel or AirBNB is the way to go. AirBNB’s are rooms and even homes that the owner rents out and host to the public. If you’re going on a trip with a group of friends, the cool part is you can split the cost and end up getting something extremely nice and grand. Traveling by yourself? That’s ok, Hostel allow you to book a shared room much like a dorm room for a low as twenty bucks a night! If you don’t mind associating with new people, then you wouldn’t mind going this route.

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3. Flight Hacks

The myth has become an reality, trust me I have tested it myself. The time of day when you look for flights really makes a difference of how much you initially going to pay. Generally the best times to look for flight is early in the morning around 10:00 A.M and late at night around 12:00 A.M. If you can’t seem to catch these times, flights during the week are always fairly cheaper than flights during the weekend, seeing as that’s busiest time of travel. If possible try not to book a weekend trip and switch it up by going Monday-Thursday. Don’t worry, that’s what PTO is for. Apps such as Hopper also gives you alerts to awesome flight deals. Whenever and wherever.

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4. Their Off Season is Your On Season

Every location has an off-season. Meaning everyone and their momma are not going to be there. This is your prime time to jump online, and see all the deals your dream vacation has to offer. Not only will you get a deal, you’re not going to have to worry about the crowds and long-lines either.

Traveling is a key essential to life. The fact that there are so many wondrous places in this world to see and experience, it’s our duty to take that into consideration and experience it whole heartedly. Do not let finances, work, or any other excuse stop you from seeing the world. Use these tips and save your butt off if you have to, and make it your goal to get on a plane and go!

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