ICYMI: Paramore Is Back

Have you ever watched, read, or listen to something and then wonder, “How did I miss this?” Well that’s how I feel about Paramore’s album After Laughter. When I’m home especially in the mornings I like to watch music videos, this past Saturday a video came on MTV Live, I was immediately intrigued by the 80’s style newscast set up directed by Warren Fu. The beat sounded fun and then there it was Hayley William’s sweet chipper voice and face. It didn’t take long for me to try and sing along to the chorus even though I barely knew the words. As someone that spent her last year of college working on her college’s newscast I spent a lot of time on set as well as the control room, I think it was cool that they choose this way to tell a story. During the video it seems as if Hayley is dealing with the stress of her job of having to be perfect only to have a melt down which includes some hallucinating and trashing the set. Ultimately Hayley has to answer to her younger self.

Aside from the video being very cool, the song its self is catchy, upbeat, and has retro vibe to it. I think the chorus really encompasses what the song is all about. “Just let me cry! /A little while longer/ I aint gon’ smile/ If I don’t want to/Hey man, we can’t all be like you/ I wish we were all rose-colored too/My rose colored boy” sings Hayley. Sometimes we all just want to cry in peace without people’s opinion and as humans we all don’t have the same coping mechanisms. After feeling like I’ve been living under a rock, I went to my apple music to play the song around the house only to find out Paramore released After Laughter late last year. I am not sure how I missed this when Paramore was such a huge part of my teenage years. Paramore was there for me when I was feeling a little emo, dramatic, and angst. There is nothing like seeing an artist grow and evolve.

While After Laughter does not sound like a few of the Paramore albums I grew up on but the Paramore lyricism is still there. Yes, the songs sound more pop than rock or alternative but Hayley is still singing about real life problems such as forgiveness, depression, relationships, and adulthood. Band members Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro write all of the songs off After Laughter. Taylor York, Zac Farro, and Justin Medal-Johnson produce the album. I have listened to After Laughter while at work and also on my commute home.

The first three songs sound like one continuous song. As I listened to the album I imagined hearing the album in the background of an indie romantic comedy. Some of my favorite songs off the album are Hard Times, Rose Colored Boy, Told You So, Fake Happy, Pool, Idle Worship and Tell Me How. The entire album is so good to the point I didn’t skip any songs while listening. I think the title is very fitting for the collection of songs because after laughing that’s when clarity comes in and all of these songs offer a piece of clarity on varying topics. What’s your favorite Paramore song? How do you feel about After Laughter?

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