Insecure Insights: Dumb Decisions

At this point I don’t see how anyone is #TeamIssa or #LawrenceHive, both of these characters make equally dumb decisions. Watching them spew hate and throw tantrums is excruciatingly annoying as hell.

This week’s first dumb decision was the conversation between Issa and Molly about her facial with Daniel. Molly hyping it as if Daniel really did something wrong had me cringing in my seat. It was the kind of reaction I’d expect my best friend to have if I told her my man cheated or got another woman pregnant. I don’t understand, these women are too old to feel a way about ejaculation. I don’t think Daniel was trying to embarrass her, but him making it seem like revenge by saying “now we’re even” wasn’t the smartest thing to do in his position. I understand him apologizing because when a woman is upset that’s all you can do or you won’t hear the end of it, but you can’t counter an apology by saying something like that Daniel c’mon now. If she didn’t have a reason to be upset before she certainly does now.

Second dumb decision is Molly agreeing to be a side piece in the first place. I thought you were looking for love shorty? What happened? Knowing Dro’s wife was attending the party from jump I don’t see how she had the nerve to feel a way at the dinner table. Did she really think she could play footsies with him under the table and act the way they do in private in public? I’m confused. She wasn’t getting much of Dro’s attention and it bothered her.

The third dumb decision was talking to Candace as if she hasn’t been intimate with her man. If Molly didn’t have a problem with what she was doing with Dro than she would’ve been more comfortable with Candace. You could cut that tension with a knife. Watching them talk hurt. She would have possibly asked about the openness of their relationship if she truly believed what she was doing with him was alright, but she didn’t ask because she doesn’t want to know the truth. She’s too far gone at this point and she’s willing to believe anything Dro tells her because the peen too good.

Fourth dumb decision was Dro pulling out Molly’s chair and not his wife’s. Is he trying to get caught? And the fifth dumb decision was smashing Molly in the bathroom while his wife is what, 10-15 feet away? This guy has balls and Molly’s too busy being mesmerized by them to actually know what the hell is going on. The shade she constantly gives needs to be thrown on herself. Molly needs a blunt and a hard look in the mirror.

Sixth dumb decision was being okay with Dro telling her to wait until he walks out the bathroom first. How is that not a red flag Molly? I know he says he’s in an open relationship, but let’s look at the facts. He hasn’t had a conversation with you and his wife, if they’re so open why not tell her about it? He snuck out of the bathroom after getting some then made you wait to avoid questions being asked if you were seen walking out together.

Seventh dumb decision was Lawrence bringing work bae to a dinner party for someone he got introduced to through his ex. That event wasn’t his place to bring a plus one, especially without even asking if it was okay. Matter of fact, having a work bae is a dumb decision all on it’s own, so let’s make that dumb decision number eight. You don’t date co-workers you dummy. The fact that his other co-workers already knew what was up threw me off. How’d they know before us? He still hasn’t sorted out his shit so why he think he’s even emotionally capable of entertaining another woman is beyond me. Inviting her to the dinner was just as dumb as Tasha inviting him to her family BBQ. Then acting surprised to Issa’s as well as everyone else’s reaction by telling her he “wouldn’t have brought her if he knew…” when we distinctly saw Lawrence tell work bae that his ex would be there. And do we really believe he didn’t know what kind of event this was? The name is in the title. “Birthday Dinner” coordinated by Tiffany. TIFFANY DUBOIS. As organized and punctual as she is, do you really think she put together a sloppy hangout? Who eats dinner standing up. How else do you eat dinner Lawrence? He went because part of him wanted to see his ex, just like part of Issa wanted to see Lawrence. The subconscious is a tricky thing to master.

The ninth dumb decision was fighting with Issa outside when he should’ve just apologized, but I’ve noticed that’s his problem, he can’t. He doesn’t have the capability to admit when he’s wrong and he can’t help but shift the blame because he truly believes he’s the victim when in reality he’s the suspect. Calling Issa a hoe for cheating had me spiralling, especially coming from a man who sold himself for $46 to have a threesome. From someone who put himself in a situationship with another woman straight out of his relationship to mask his hurt. From someone who has and brings a new work bae to a function full of his ex’s closest friends and family… but he’s a good dude right? Okay.

I’m not sure if Lawrence actually believes Issa is a hoe or if he was speaking out of pocket because he’s hurt. He has a lot of emotions he needs to sort through in order to successfully move on. Issa threw a couple jabs, but nothing hurt her more than being called a hoe by a man she was once only a hoe for.

Remember, she isn’t a hoe by nature and she’s doing all of this out of spite so it hurts in her eyes. Confusing, yes but if you look at the bigger picture it all makes sense. Just like the issue I tackled in my last post about Daniel’s shot in her eye. She has an image painted of herself and anyone who challenges that she attacks by lashing out defending her true image because she’s been pretending to be someone she truly isn’t. Make sense?

Which is why you can’t go through the motions of a hoe phase still hurting especially if the phase isn’t genuine. She should’ve thrown a damn “SMD” in there somewhere, but she just stood there, silently accepting defeat.

If you hoeing and you know you hoeing be proud of that!

Meanwhile, she wasn’t even hoeing back then. Cheating on your partner with someone once does not make you a hoe. It makes you unfaithful. I can understand Lawrence wanting to know about the essence of her relationship with Daniel, but it’s honestly none of his business and being disrespectful certainly isn’t the way to get the information he desires. That’s not the way to go Lawrence. These are questions that should’ve been asked months ago, not post-breakup. Especially when you’re out here hoeing yourself.

I don’t know why men have this problem of a fantasy-like sense of entitlement when it comes to women. They believe they have the right to know any and everything, to touch any and everywhere and it makes me want to throw up. He seems to be one of those guys who can’t handle his own emotions which is dangerous to any woman he encounters, bringing more hurt than hope. Don’t be a hypocrite Lawrence. You are not this sweet and innocent dude that you have corrupted your mind into believing. It’s like he can and does no wrong in his eyes. Nothing gets men more tight than realizing their (past/future) woman is entitled to be free sexually. What Issa should’ve said was “Yeah, I did that shit! It wasn’t my intentions, but I did it. I fucked him. I fucked up while you were fucking up!” Something along those lines. Again, I’m not validating her infidelity, but Lawrence needs to understand where it came from.

Issa is no better than he is. Laughing him out of his dreams was definitely a low blow. Especially when Issa isn’t where she wants to be financially. This is what I mean when I say neither of these two are right. Just because I point out the flaws in one does not mean I am defending the other because they’re both trash. Living out their wrongs because they can’t face the truth nor can they face the confrontation of each other. They need to arrange a sit down instead of throwing cheap shots.

In my experience, I’ve noticed men argue to hurt feelings more than they argue to be correct. I wasn’t shocked by his insults. If anything I was triggered by them because I’ve been in situations where a dude didn’t know the whole truth and took what he heard/saw and ran with it without giving me the proper opportunity to tell him what was what. He obviously has internal issues that he needs to work on. Therefore, he shouldn’t develop anything with anyone else until he does. Plain and simple. Calling Issa a hoe was out of line. I just don’t like the term because it’s often associated with sexual liberation with such a negative connotation. If a woman wants to engage in sexual activities as freely as she chooses then so be it. What is so wrong with that anyway? Men do it all the time. I hate society.

The tenth dumb decision was Issa fucking up her apartment, but that meltdown was the best thing she’s done for herself all season because it was needed. It was the first time she confronted her true feelings and she just so happened to release them angrily. That’s what happens when you suppress emotions by filling voids with things for the wrong reasons. Her underlying emotions with Lawrence are more so geared towards her being there for him when he was at his worst and not getting the same reassurance when she wasn’t at her best. Along with Tiffany and Derek parading as the perfect couple in front of her all night she was bound to breakdown.

Everything everyone does on this show is dumb. Their decision making skills are poor as hell to be as grown as they are. It’s evident that Issa is the antagonist so nothing she says or does really surprises me anymore. She’s a walking fuck up and Lawrence is a whole mess. Honestly, they deserve each other.

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