Insecure Insights: Every Woman Can Learn From Tasha’s Tendencies

“F**k love, f**k getting to know these n****s”, a mood.

Season 2, Episode 3

Good sex tends to make women put up with A LOT. More than we deserve usually, but there comes a point where you can’t blame men for the way they decide to treat you. Nothing that happens to you should ever be taken personally. A time comes when you have to take accountability for your actions as a woman. Men often show us who they are before we even get to know them. Tasha’s biggest mistake was believing she could manipulate a situation she created with Lawrence. She couldn’t.

Any man who wants to be with you WILL pursue you, by any means necessary. He may not do it on your time, but he will surely do it on his own. From the beginning Tasha has been the initiator. While there’s nothing wrong with going after what you want, there is everything wrong with going about it an ill-advised way. Lawrence was chilling from gecko. Chilling in life, chilling in his relationship to chilling at Best Buy to chilling on her couch. If Tasha knew (like she said she knew) that her and Lawrence weren’t going to be anything “serious” then she shouldn’t have allowed him to stay at her house continuously. She shouldn’t have nursed his ego back to health and fed him like an injured animal and she damn sure shouldn’t have invited him to a family BBQ. Her tactics were foolish and she pulled a rookie move. Hoping to change the inevitable, denial smacked her in the face.

Triggered by Lawrence’s red flags, the hive was awfully quiet last night and I’ve met a lot of Lawrence’s in my life. The “f%$k boy who thinks he’s a good dude”. Although Tasha was slacking from season one I commend her for telling Lawrence what Issa wouldn’t. Lawrence is a grown man who enjoys being spoon-fed. He’s non-confrontational because he can’t bare with being alone, inconvenienced or uncomfortable. Which is exactly why I stated the healing process being so important after a breakup in my last post. What drives our partners away are usually the things we need to work on. Had he taken the time out instead of having revenge sex to get back at his ex for stepping out on him he would’ve learned that about himself and he wouldn’t be in this mess with Tasha. There’s nothing wrong with not being ready as long as you make it known. Communication is a lost cause these days and I don’t understand why. Sabotaging your relationship so a woman leaves is weak, but it’s common in most men since they don’t burn bridges. Not intending to hurt the woman, I see Lawrence in a lot of men whose goal is to keep consistent vagina while doing relationship things without any commitment. Lawrence has been waving red flags all season, while Tasha has been too busy drowning in her delusions and blinded by penis she’s reading signs that Lawrence never wrote.

Issa girl, no. Just no. First rule in hoe-ing, keep the dude you cheated with in your pocket. If she played her cards right with Daniel she wouldn’t be setting charger traps, but you live and you learn. She’s new to the game so I can’t really be disappointed in sis. However, life lessons always come at a price. So for all you girls out there that are starting your hoe phase here are a few of my suggestions: For starters, don’t engage in sex with a man who lives downstairs from you. Keep your distance because this is just for kicks. You don’t need that relentless reminder. You need your space. Secondly, don’t fall for the weed trap. If “Do you smoke?” is a man’s best attempt to occupy your time, he isn’t worth any of yours. Don’t give up ass for a blunt. You are worth more than a dime. Do not force chemistry. If it’s not there, you can’t create it and sexual chemistry is very important. Chemistry keeps things exciting. Chemistry leads to climaxing.

Although Issa considered this hoe phase as a way to get over heartbreak (which was her mistake) she can still have a good time. Don’t sacrifice your orgasm just so the man can enjoy you. You’re supposed to enjoy him too. If you have to convince yourself to open your legs to a dude who may “be whack, but you can still get some head” close them. Pack it up and go. This is about you and your pleasure. You are the appetizer, the entrée and the dessert. Therefore, make sure you are treated as such. Which brings me to my fourth and final rule, don’t have sex with a man who only cares about his nut.

What are some of your dating do’s and don’ts?

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