Insecure Insights: From Turn Ups to Turn Downs


Last night on Insecure we watched Issa get ready to turn up just to get turned down, Molly’s blast from the past, Kelli’s dinner and dessert and Lawrence’s threesome that was really a twosome.

In a seemingly redemption episode for him #LawrenceHive members were hype last night because every guy’s dream came true. Lawrence was short cash at a grocery store and two women offered to cover his groceries. They proceeded to pursue Lawrence in the parking lot and one thing led to another and they all had sex. Upset that Lawrence couldn’t get it up again after the first round the girls decided to do coke and then went out. When asked about his sexual escapade, Lawrence lied on his piece about not getting hard to his homeboy which is no surprise. Some guys lie on their dick all the time. Perpetrating that he’s the man to Chad, his is obviously the man who misses his ex because he winded up driving to Issa’s apartment. Sitting in his car outside probably pondering going in, realizing he’s not living the life he thought he was. It was refeshing to see a guy do this because any time I’ve seen it on television, it’s always been a woman driving by her ex’s crib. That’s something I used to do a lot in college. If I ever had a lot on my mind, I’d go for a drive with no particular destination in mind just zoning out to the music and my thoughts. Subconsciously ending up at my old dude’s house I’d sit there for a minute and contemplate telling him to come outside. So seeing Lawrence do that was reassuring for me because as women sometimes we forget that guys are just as emotional as us, they just hide it better.

Dro came to town and Molly forgot why she was in therapy in the first place. It’s one thing to have sex with someone, but it’s another thing to bust it wide open on your homeboy. DON’T SMASH THE HOMIES. I don’t think Molly is in the most strategic place to engage in relations with someone who is already taken. Open relationship or not, Molly’s mental is damaged. She doesn’t know what she wants. In the beginning she was so sure she wanted a relationship and now she’s trying to convince herself she doesn’t. Which is a mistake a lot of people make because “Mr. or Mrs. Right” hasn’t swooped down with their cape and swept them away. It takes time. Don’t rush the process. When you do you wind up making poor decisions because you’re lonely and you feel like since it hasn’t happened yet it never will. False. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Even though Molly and Dro hit it off naturally I don’t see the benefits from a fling. Before Dro mentioned his open relationship I was all for them getting together. Their connection was strong and they were getting along. However, knowing how Molly is sharing a man will eventually get to her. She doesn’t like to share shit. We’ve seen this. And this is exactly what I mean by settling and lowering your standards due to your impatience. Dro’s situation is a can of worms waiting to explode.

How many of yall been Kelli and have gotten an under the table massage? I didn’t even peep game at first, I was looking at her like why she stopped talking mid sentence. Then I reflected on my life and realized there’s only one thing that’ll shut a woman up like that, arousal. I’m here for Kelli living her life. She’s probably the best friend Issa has (I still think Molly lied about what Lawrence said) because she is so carefree. Since women are pressured to be a certain way all the time, it’s good to have a constant reminder that we shouldn’t care what society thinks we should be. I try to be that for my friends and I, so I see a little of Kelli in me. At times I get a little awkward like Issa, but that’s because of my nerves and anxiety. I never portray myself to be someone I’m not which is when Issa tends to get awkward the most. She gets caught up in this role she’s performing and can’t keep up with the character. It’s so much easier to be yourself, her run in with Daniel could’ve went a lot smoother if she played it cool, but she wanted to seem lit in front of him and his very presence dimmed her light.

Lawrence and Issa are both lost in the sauce. Out here frontin’ to be someone they’re not which is why Lawrence ended up outside Issa’s crib. Guys always miss us when we no longer miss them. As soon as we’re doing good their radar goes off and they pop back up. Maybe it’s intuition, maybe it’s just irony, but I’m sick of it lol. Issa seems to be getting over her hurt while Lawrence is beginning to come to terms with his. This happens every time, the woman hurts in the beginning while a dude does whatever he can to “get over” her. More than likely having sex with someone else (that never lasts) only to realize how much he may still care for the person he was trying to drown out with backstrokes and threesomes.

How open are you when it comes to open relationships? Would you ever agree to one? Would you indulge in someone who is in one? Leave a comment and let me know.





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