FEATURED: Quickie with The Bodega Boys


T H E S H O R T…

Name: Desus Nice

Nickname: Yung Chipotle aka Pockets Stay Fat Like Terrio aka Kristaps Porslingdick aka Desus Fuego aka Boutros Boutros Gully aka Solbadan Mightknowyabitch aka Eli Lit B aka Yung Day Party

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Born & Raised: Bronx, NY. (shouts to Lincoln Hospital)

Currently Residing: Bronx

Five Favorite Things…
1. Recording Bodega Boys
2. Recording Uncommon Sense
3. Grand Central Terminal
4. Little schoolkids holding hands while on field trips to Times Square
5. My nephew

Top 3 Favorite Albums or Songs:
1. Jay Z – Reasonable Doubt
2. Tv On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
3. (Currently) Beyonce – All Night (anything sampling SpottieOttieDopaliscious is perfect)

If You Could Re-Create Any Movie, What Would It Be & Who Would Play Who?
Myself and Mero would remake Who’s The Man, the Dr. Dre and Ed Lover cop comedy or Weekend At Bernies. Literally any movie we’d recreated would be hilarious. Imagine me and Mero remaking Precious.

Top 3 Favorite Comedians or Comedies:
1. Greg Giraldo
2. Patrice O’Neal
3. Dave Chappelle
*Special mention to Melissa Broder*

DESUS: Favorite Pair of Sneakers Ever Owned?
I recently copped a pair of the reissue of the Air Pressures, which were Nike’s answer to Reebok’s “The Pump”. These sneakers stand out because my cousin dated a guy who was a drug dealer and he owned these. He was murdered when I was crazy young. He always had sneakers on the day they dropped which was pretty much the most impressive thing you could do in the hood other than pulling up in a new v(ehicle). So my air pressures remind me of those days growing up in old school New York which was so crazy


T H E L O N G…

1. Give us a brief on your background and how you got here…

DESUS: I’ve literally had every possible job in nyc, including mechanic, club manager, and construction worker. I was working as a small business reporter when we started desus vs mero on complex (shouts to donnie kwak). That audio podcast was so sucessful it turned into a digital show. Then we were in Time Out New York, rolling stone magazine, hosted Fools Gold Day off, I was on Anthony Bourdain etc. The Brand was strong. MTV2 came thru and signed us. Then we started Bodega Boys at Red bull studios at 220 west 18th street (horn noises)

MERO: I’m a Dominican born in the Bronx. I used to run around doing graffiti and other scumbag activities in the Bronx and the other 5 boroughs, making friends and getting fucked up along the way. I was always the dude in the cypher cracking jokes and making fun of every situation. One day, my boy Chris was like “Yo, let’s start a lifestyle blog!” I was like “What the fuck is a blog?” but that ended up being Victory Light. In 2008-9, my friend Krystal told me I should get on Twitter so I did and between Victory Light and Twitter, I got noticed all over the place.

2. How did you two meet and how do you prepare for a show?
DESUS: Mero and I had always known each other (barely) because the bronx isn’t that big. We reconnected via twitter but had originally met in summer school way back in the day.

To prepare for the show we’ll come up with 4 or 5 topics that happened that week. Quick one-liners like “prince died” or “azaelia banks wildin on twitter”. And we just go. Mero might smoke, I’ll usually have a beer and we just pull up from 40 feet.
And we’re having fun with it. I think that’s what people love about the podcast.

MERO: We met in the streets of The Bronx as two products of the NYC public high school system.

Preparation for a show is literally… no preparation. I light up, Desus cracks open a 22oz beer and we hit record. I had no idea this isn’t how you do a show. When we started doing TV and everything is prepared way in advance, I was like “Oh shit you, this is crazy. Y’all write this shit down first?”

3. For non-hilarious people, it seems as though being funny is work or a learned quality. Sort of like the typical corny question “how did you get so funny”. Since I’m basically trying to ask that in a non-cliche’ way – can you explain how you stumbled into being funny and when you realized you were actually funny? Did someone inspire it? Were you always a comedian?

DESUS: Never wanted to be a comedian and I feel weird calling myself that. (Shouts to all my friends who are actual comedians grinding in clubs and writing jokes). I guess I’ve always been funny, people I worked with would tell me I was hilarious. But I didn’t really start taking comedy seriously until twitter and when I got arrested and had a 30 man cell chuckling in bronx bookings. I’m quick witted with great timing and when you have that you assume it’s something everyone has.

MERO: I’m always looking for the humor in shit. Shit that’s out of place or whatever, I shouldn’t even say I’m always looking because that makes it sound like I’m actively looking to write jokes. I’m not. I’m just seeing my life unfold and pointing out shit that I find is funny. It’s a very natural thing, which is why I think it works so well.

4. Bodega Boys is one of my favorite things at the moment. How does it feel to know that you are a destination listening experience for people? Like, actually? Did you always know you would find your way into comedy or what did you think you would end up doing?

DESUS: The whole bodega boys experience is so wild. We have more fans from the podcast then we do from being on basic cable. But it’s funny and this isn’t me being gassed. It’s fun to listen to and its hilarious. I’ve blown snot from my nose laughing while listening to my own joke. And theres so many layers to it, the fake sponsors, “god’s working on all of us” , the personal anecdotes. We never spoke (really) about our personal lives on Desus vs Mero but on Bodega Boys everything is out there.
I personally never thought I’d end up in comedy but life comes at you fast.

MERO: Never in my life did I think I could make a living doing comedy. I’m the child of Dominican immigrants who were very serious about going to school and getting a “real job.” It took me being in the New York Times for my parents and in-laws to take this seriously (shoutout to Jon Caramanica). As far as being a destination experience; that feels crazy yo, because I know how much I look forward to my favorite shows and entertainment and to be able to provide that little weekly push and anticipation of dope shit for people is fuckin incredible! There are people that wait for shit like it’s Game of Thrones or some shit! That’s fuckin ill! If you would’ve asked 2005 Mero if this would be a possibility in 2015, I would’ve said “yeah right” while swiftly relieving you of your first generation iPod.

I never thought I would end up doing comedy even though I guess I was pre-disposed to it (as a kid, my family would make me do impressions of my drunk uncles, teachers, neighborhood characters, etc.) But it was always just to make my family and friends laugh. I never thought I could feed my kids with it. I always thought I would be some kind of graphic design guy or a teacher. My mom wanted me to be a meteorologist, which I thought was weird but I was always good at science, so I get it. I was basically aimless and ended up working in the board of education as a paraprofessional for years until I broke with the blog, music reviews at Vice, podcast and show.

5. What has been your favorite episode and why?

DESUS: Episode 1. We shopped “Bodega boys” to several studios/networks and got dubbed! Even beats1 radio gave us the curve but we respect it cuz we’re filthy. But we dropped episode one on 9/11 off the strength on red bull studio who let us say whatever and the people’s reactions were so great. Even Red Bull was like “wow” at the numbers.
but people had harassing us for months for a new podcast and the bodegahive didnt care about where we landed, they just wanted the art. So I never take that day for granted. We could’ve flopped as several network execs told us. But the brand is too strong and we out here cooking.

MERO: Man, it’s impossible to pick one but there are a lot of moments that always crack me the fuck up. ISIS being washed, the kid losing his fingers only knowing two words in English (“Oww!” and “Fuck!”) Bodega Boys is ill to me because it’s all spontaneous and uncensored and I straight up forget shit that was hilarious and I’ll go back and laugh at my own shit, which is terrible and gassed but the shit be funny!



T H E S H O R T…

Name: The Kid Mero

Nickname: The Human Durag, East Tremont Stevie B, Been-Smacked-Biyombo, etc.

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Born & Raised: The Bronx, New York

Currently Residing: The Bronx, New York!

Five Favorite Things…
1. My kids and wife
2. Dominican food
3. Knicks basketball
4. Beaches
5. Good weed

Top 3 Favorite Albums or Songs:

(This literally changes every 4 weeks, but right now…)

1. Nas- It Was Written (album)
2. El Mayor- Yo Soy Jevito (song)
3. French Montana- Dontchu (song)

If You Could Re-Create Any Movie, What Would It Be & Who Would Play Who?

Kings of New York is such a classic, weird, crazy movie… Recreating it is kind of nuts cuz it’s so iconic but I would love to play Frank White *AND* Jimmy Jump (who coincidentally is one of my favorite movie characters of all time). I think in scenes and I would love to recreate the Saving Private Ryan beach scene and the scene in the Rambo reboot where he is lighting shit the fuck up with the machine gun on the jeep. That was very ill. But top to bottom recreation? … Belly with me and Desus taking over DMX and Nas’ roles, Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection set in the Bronx and Star Wars where I’m Han Solo, Jaden Smith is Luke Skywalker, Cardi B is Princess Leia… I’m too smacked to think of who else is in there cuz I’ve never seen a Star Wars film if we’re being real and frank. The brand is so strong though, we could probably recreate any movie and shit would be flames.

Top 3 Favorite Comedians or Comedies:
1. Tracy Morgan
2. Chris Rock
3. Larry David

MERO: Favorite Impersonation You Love To Do?

I love doing Yesenia from East Tremont because it’s a composite of like 8 of my ex-girlfriends and it always gets a reaction. The New York cop voice, Officer Prosciutto is always a “fan favorite” – Shoutout to cops but also fuck the cops.

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