InternationalFoodie: The 5 Best Places To Eat While Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are a follower of Vashtie’s world travels, then you know that she has visited many places all over the world. From Paris , France to Frankfurt, Germany, Vashtie has left her stamp of approval in more ways than one. This week, Bo$$ Lady took her first trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. And although she have taught herself the most important phrases of the danish language, we are left to wonder what food will she try while visiting.

Known as the happiest country in the world, Denmark offers free education, high living standards and really good food. And while offering food like Smørrebrød, Pølser and Æbleskiver, you can only wonder what restaurants sells these delicious treats. Here are five of the best restaurants to try while visiting Copenhagen.


Copenhagen is home to one of the most world-renowned restaurants, Noma. Ran by Chef René Redzepi, who has won countless awards for his culinary art, Noma is known for its reinvention of Nordic Cuisine. Redzepi claims that “everything is at stake” with the reopening and added everything on the menu will shift between seafood and vegetarian meals. Although, Noma closed in 2016, reopened and closed again, the owners plans to reopen the restaurant in a new, permanent location next month. Noma, known to be a twist on traditional Nordic or Scandinavian dishes, will reopen February 15.

Restaurant Barr:  

While Noma is out of commission for the time being, Restaurant Barr is stepping up to the plate. (Pun Intended). Currently located in the old space of Noma, Barr offers Nordic comfort food at its best. Barr’s Thorsten Schmidt and Noma’s Redzepi has partnered up together to offer their interpretation of a casual nordic dining experience. The sixty-seat restaurant also offers traditional meals from Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and the British Isles.


No trip to Copenhagen is complete, unless you visit Palaegade, known best for their Smørrebrød– the traditional danish open sandwich. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Palaegade is led by Sommeliers Simon Olesen and Rasmus Amdi Larsen, and Karina Pedersen. Palaegade is the perfect place to dine during your lunch break with classics such as, kartoffelmad (potatoes on bread), chicken salad and tartare. If you are looking for a more modern dining experience, come visit during the evening when Magnus Mondrup, former head chef of Formel B, takes over.



If you want to start your morning off like a true Denmark native, you might want to stop by Mirabelle. Serving pastries and sourdough bread, Mirabelle will start your day off on a good note. The bakery and restaurant is said to make the best organic sourdough, according to locals.  Mirabelle also serves their own ‘Italian Smørrebrød’ – a Roman pizza/focaccia/open-faced sandwich kind-of hybrid. The bakery/restaurant is the new neighbourhood hang-out for coffee drinkers.


The last on our list of five restaurants to check out while visiting Copenhagen, is the sleek and elegant Geranium. Located on the 8th floor of the Fælledparken (Common Gardens) in the center of Copenhagen, Geranium offers beautiful views for its dining customers. Geranium (the only restaurant to out-Michelin Noma) serves inspired Nordic dishes, like dill stones, lightly shaved yellow beet tartare, house-cured trout, and grilled leeks with smoked pork fat. It is the only restaurant in all of Denmark with three Michelin stars.


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