An Internet Addiction For The Culture: ‘The Show By Round Two’

Whether you’re a long time collector of dead-stock Jordans, a person that values the essence of style or simply have a passion for trading, The Show By Round Two is the best entertainment we’ve seen in a while.

Back in 2013, Virginia Commonwealth University graduates Sean Wotherspoon— latest winner of Nike’s ‘Moving Forward’ Design Contest– Chris Russow and Lucas Fracher established the Round Two thrift store in Richmond, Virginia. Round Two was invented with the intentions of bringing the community together and providing the ultimate happy place for those who seek affordable shopping and culturally valued pieces that makes the world go around.

Since creating the thrift hotspot, they have been making a wave for not only what they sell but for the journey–which happens to be just as entertaining. Two years after opening, they premiered their first season of The Show By Round Two via YouTube, which was directed by Graham Ohmer. Each episode showcased the various personalities of their staff in their Richmond and Hollywood locations– documenting long lines and stories from customers from all over the world. But also, a lit list of celebrity clientele dropped in to shop from time to time. On the show, there’s been many casual appearances from the legendary Don C, Method Man and Juelz Santana. You can also see appearances from Virgil Abloh, Lil Yachty, A$AP Bari and A$AP Nast who’s a close friend of the staff– and other rising artists.

Since Round Two has become the candy store for all things culture, the successful brand has debuted their own pop-up shops in cities like New York, London, and Paris. With their success from last year in New York, Round Two recently announced that they would be opening up their third store in their new location in the Big Apple. For now, the brand continues to sell, buy, trade cultural steez and build with the people that consistently support the movement.

Not a bad start to the day!

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With that being said, Round Two might be one of the most successful thrift stores and digitally known movements that are helping the culture go round. Whether you are that 55 year-old who holds every sneaker imaginable or a 12-year old who just wants the illest concert tee, there’s not only a place for you to feel comfortable but also a very entertaining show with no filter waiting to cross your screen.

Don’t believe us? Peep our top 5 addicting episodes from Round Two the Show and tell us what you think.











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