Internet Detoxing: Why It Is Important For Your Mental Health

After a 2.5 week long Digital Detox, Boss lady Vashtie came back to us and shared why she made the conscious decision to step away.

“In 2014, I had a bit of a breakdown and took my first ever vacation. I went to Miami, dolo, and was urged by my management to turn my phone off because I was at a breaking point mid-Puma Deal, G-Shock Deal, and tons of other ambassadorships and DJ gigs. At that point I was not meditating or doing my now beloved inner work. After that trip, I realized I needed to always take care of me…I mean, I can’t take care of others if I’m not taken care of. So…when this time frame was planned…some people assumed I was digitally detoxing because I was “exhausted” or “breaking down” due to how much I work and how much I share on social media. On the contrary, I feel more centered than ever – I just yearned for silence and clarity, to focus on my creative projects.”

As Vashtie spoke candidly about her breakdown from working immensely from multiple projects, she came up with the very simple idea to step away from her social media accounts. You can read more about her two weeks offline and what she choose to do during her time off and why it is important to take your own time off here.

Taking time away from the internet is probably the best thing you can do for your mental health. It is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself, your family, friends and even old hobbies, pre-twitter. Two weeks apart from your accounts is probably harder to accomplish at first, but three days is a pretty easy start. Taking the time away from the internet can remove all of the unnecessary distractions that the internet can bring. Alerts on the new fashion trends or even recaps on President Trump’s tweets, can cause you to lose focus on what’s important. YOU. Sometimes, we come online already anticipating on meaningless and annoying updates and statuses of things we don’t really care about. Is that not the perfect time to step away and read a juicy book or even set up a spa day for you and some of your closest friends?

Social media can also take a toll on us emotionally and mentally, causing damage to our self esteems. If we spend hours at a time, reading and admiring other people’s fabulous lives and not our own, we can start to feel inadequate and worthless. Time focusing on ourselves away from the internet can draw back the balance we need to keep us mental stable. Its worth pointing out that time away from your phones and computers can bring you happiness, clarity and mental balance. Taking time away from the matrix known as social media is a gift to yourself. Be generous.


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