INTERVIEW: 11 NYC Tastemakers Dish on Their Go-To Male Grooming Spots x Written By Vashtie for Complex (Presented By Gillette)

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been intrigued by the male species. Aside from the obvious attraction, I was more fascinated by their masculinity, style, interests and mannerisms. Now that I’ve graduated to adulthood, that fascination has expanded into grooming. How a man grooms his facial hair, why he decides on a beard vs a clean shaven face or where he goes for general maintenance is intriguing. A guy can look one way for Spring with a mustache and look totally different for Winter with a beard.


Grooming also begins to divide the boys from the men and women who are equally involved in their own personal grooming find this aspect very attractive.


I asked 11 of of my guy friends (including: A-Trak, Victor Cruz, Steve Nash, Jonathan Mannion, Josh Madden, Nigel Sylvester and more!) where they go for male grooming and here’s what they told me…


Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 4.28.17 PM




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