Isolate Your Ears To Kali Uchis

I stumbled upon Kali Uchis a few years ago on Instagram. I was in awe of how aesthetically pleasing she was but this was when Kali looked as if she just stepped out of the 1950’s or 1960’s with her bright blonde hair, bubble gum pink outfits and white go-go boots. A short while after that I ended up down a rabbit hole on YouTube where I finally heard a song by Kali Uchis. Ever since then I have been listening to Kali’s singles on and off over the years. There was “Loner” that I played non-stop in my college dorm room. Although, I may have not been a consistent listener or follower of Kali’s it would be pretty hard to ignore her voice on some of my favorite songs such as Tyler, the Creator’s Find Your Wings and PERFECT, Daniel Cesar’s Get You, and Miguel’s Caramel Duro.

I gave Isolation a listen on my train ride home from work. Immediately into the opening track “Body Language” I felt as if I was being transported to summertime. The deeper I got into the album the more I could imagine myself driving in someone’s car with the roof down as the sun beamed on me and the wind blew against my face. Through out the entire album Kali’s voice is light, sweet, and airy. There is a never a point during my listening that I feel as if she is over singing any of these 15 songs. Isolation itself has a very summery vintage feel. There is a particular manner that Kali sings in that sounds a bit slow and delicate. Despite having a lot of collaborators I admired the fact that this album is not littered with features.

My favorite songs off this album are “Body Language”, “Just A Stranger”, “Flight 22”, “Your Teeth In My Neck”, “Tyrant”, “Dead To Me”, “Nuestro Planeta”, “In My Dreams”, “After The Storm”, and “Feel Like A Fool”. It is amazing how she makes hustling in my Miami not sound so hard of a life, she also does it again on “Dead To Me” making cutting off someone sound like a breeze. My Spanish may not be up to par but I appreciate “Nuestro Planeta” very much it has a slight reggae feel to it and pays great respect to Kali’s Colombian roots. It is important to note that although each of these 15 songs has a particular sound none of them sound a like. Aside from the album sounding very sweet and fun on the outside Kali is singing about deep issues on the album such as adversity, ending toxic relationships, following your dreams, and infidelity.

Having followed Kali Uchis career for so long and knowing her story, the release of “Isolation” feels very triumphant. In each of those songs it is evident to hear that Kali has stayed true to her style of music. With the summer like weather we’re supposed to experience this weekend I cannot wait to blast Isolation and pretend it’s a hot summer day in June. I am also looking forward to the other visuals that will come from this album especially since Kali is not afraid to go outside the box when it comes to a music video. What are your favorite songs off the album? Which song do you think deserves a video?

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