It’s Going to Be a Hot Girl Summer: How Megan Thee Stallion’s New Album “Fever” is Having Us All Want to Drive the Boat all Summer 2019

If you’re on social media just as much as I am and simply haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks , then you should know how HOT this summer is going to be (pun intended). Meg Thee Stallion has cooked up the recipe for all of us ladies to being on our real “Hot Girl Shit” all summer and all of 2019, and must I say with no remorse or apologies given. Sorry fellas. Taking her city by storm and gravitating the world, Meg has bodied the essence of what it means to being a raw and authentic rap female artist.

Photo Courtesy of Fader

College student by day and rap genius by night, this Houston native has not only came through and made a name for herself, but also has created a platform next to the legendary greats for being the first female rapper from the city to come through and shut things down. Whether it’s Hot Girl Meg, Meg Thee Stallion, or Tina Snow, each persona she chooses to represent gives you a piece of bold cockiness you can’t help but love.

Photo Courtesy of Fader

This album is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a call to action that reminds us ladies to live our best lives, do hood-rat ish with our hood-rat friends and not apologize for it later. Stop worrying about the petty drama or the dude that didn’t reply to your last text. Grab your girls, take a shot to the head, stack your money, and call your own shots while doing it! Being on your “Hot Girl Shit” is fully being your best self possible. So ladies if you needed an anthem for the summer, then “Fever” needs to be at the top of your playlist.

Photo Courtesy of Fader

Now to all of my #Hotties out there….drop your favorite verse line in the comments below! I know you know what it is!

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