It’s True, Your Favorite Artist Owns a Creative Agency

Music has always played well with other art forms like fashion, photography, and film. Back in the day, it was pretty common to see your favorite singer trying out their acting chops in an upcoming film or modeling as the cover star on magazines. But today more than ever artists are extending themselves beyond music and utilizing their aesthetic to transform the traditional path of rapper turned actor. Today they are removing the boundaries around music and embracing ventures that are more creative than business by building creative agencies. A creative agency is a company the offers experts in creative fields who provide design, art or artistic consulting services. That said a creative agency only seems the natural path for an artist right? We’ll we’ve rounded up a few of your favorites who’ve done just that. Check them out below.

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Artist: Solange

Agency: Saint Heron

Saint Heron was founded back in 2013 by Solange but it feels like the cultural hub she’s built has been her ultimate goal along. The Saint Heron creative agency was created for exploration of all art forms like fine art, music, and design from a unique and progressive viewpoint. An artist herself Solo has always been an advocate for artists on the come-up. Through Saint Heron contemporary and visuals artists like Jacolby Satterwhite and Mickalene Thomas have been able to share their work on a global level. Most notably the Saint Heron agency put on a series of live art shows and performances in museums all over the world. Along with performing, Saint Heron also created sculptural works and designed performance sets for each location. But stage production and set design are just two aspects of the Saint Heron creative agency. The current website hosts a series of written works and the agency is also the driving force behind a concept shop and art gallery of rotating artists


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Artist: A$AP Rocky

Agency: AWGE

Probably one of the most elusive creative agencies around, AWGE is a collective of artists, stylists, photographers and digital creators. AWAGE was formed back in 2014 and has continued to make moves all whilst staying more or less in the shadows. Some of the agencies’ work includes digital content created for Instagram and social media curation. You may recall several years back when A$AP curated his Instagram to reflect a series of posts that involved photos and art collages. Since that project, AWGE has been the brain behind several Instagram campaigns. With A$AP mob members like Rocky and Ferg having a distinct style and unique interest in fashion, it’s no surprise that the AWGE agency also offers services in branding and art direction. Over the years there have been numerous fashion collabs with brands and recently AWGE has found a home for their original merch at the London based department store Selfridges. AWGE’s newest project was designing the merch for Kanye West’s recent album Jesus Is King.

(Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Artist: Pharrell

Agency: i am OTHER

Musician, artist and creator Pharrell Williams founded i am OTHER back in 2012. The multi-media creative collective houses the many talents of Pharrell and focuses on fashion, artistic and philanthropic ventures that push the culture forward. Over the years i am OTHER has been provided a platform for creatives, and its YouTube channel was the original host of Awkward Black Girl and several shows by music journalist Nardwuar. The collective also has roots in fashion and has seen success with Pharrell’s streetwear brands Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM.

We’re all about embracing creativity at VDC and are looking forward to seeing this trend grow throughout the music. Are there any artists you can see stepping into the creative/art director role of their own agency? Let us know in the comments!

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