Following yesterday’s election of Donald Trump for president, America has never been so divided and we see again the vestiges of the country’s ugly past resurfacing. We have to asks ourselves that if we elected a man that has never participated in the American political process to the highest office in the land that our idea of an ideal candidate has completely changed.

In 2015, after being awarded the MTV Video Vanguard Award, Kanye West, stepped on the stage and implored for the world to listen to the youth and ended his speech announcing his bid in the 2020 American presidential race. Following his announcement, social media exploded in support of West despite his own background as an artist and designer. Often criticized for his public outbursts and raw views, West’s bid for presidency seemed unlikely but after experiencing one of the most divisive and intolerable campaigns in history run by Trump who’s to say West can’t do it?

Folks came out in support of West as Trump gained traction through the night and we’ve recorded some of our favorite tweets below.

Maybe it really is time for a drastic change in the American political process. We need to create a system that is more reflective of advancement and tolerance. Ye, you need a campaign manager? I’m here 🙂

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