Keep These 3 Things In Mind When Creating The Perfect Home Office for 2020

No matter what your profession a home office can be a true game-changer for you and your 2020 goals. Delegating space in your home (or room) just for work can help you focus and direct all your attention to the tasks you are looking to complete. Sure a spacious well-decorated office pulled right from a board on Pinterest may be the dream but you don’t have to have an empty room to create the perfect workspace. It may sound near impossible, especially with small or shared living spaces, but creating a small workspace is a lot easier than you think. Here are a few tips to help you put together your new workspace and get focused for all that 2020 has in store:

  1. Create The Space

Find a small corner or nook in your place that feels a bit separate from the rest of the room and add a small desk and chair. These days’ desks can be made from almost anything and there are tons of creative options floating around on Pinterest. If you don’t have room for a standard desk which can be quite large, try attaching legs to a floating shelf or using a small console table.

  1. Decorate The Space

You want your workspace to be inspiring but also show your personality! Get creative and make an inspiration board to help keep you focused on your goals and dreams. Source images from magazines or online and add quotes that fuel positivity and motivation.

  1. A Calm Desk

What goes on top of your desk is just as important as the décor around you. Make space for your computer and other devices and keep wires out of sight for a clean organized look. Stack books, planners and goal journals neatly and within reach. Pick up some cool folders and tabletop boxes to house all your loose papers, pens, markers etc. Lastly, add some style with your favorite scented candle to keep your space calm and Zen.

Whether you go minimal, graphic, chic or artsy, carving out a small space for a home office will have its benefits. So why not start the year off right and create your personal workspace to launch your goals and dreams. With the new decade underway there really is no better time to make it all happen.


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