Kehlani Gets Us in Our Feelings with Galore Mag Feature

R&B princess, Kehlani, was invited to grace Galore Mag in the most badass way. Beside her stunning photographs, is Kehlani’s interview–where she offers sound advice to cater to your daily mental health and self-care tailored from her own life experiences.

In the intimate interview, she touches base on her relationship with social media, her fans and her artistry. She admits she’s still learning how to keep her personal life separate from her career. Because she is so vulnerable, when she pulls back the “haters” come to attack her character, especially in the age of oversharing online. Kehlani’s triumphant return to social media after her alleged suicide attempt last year was heroic to her fans. Her return made her realize that her fans were also learning life through her and look up to her to encourage them in their struggles.

“Just to be able to look somebody in the eyes and they’re like, “No girl, let me talk to you for a second.” And they’re holding my hand and they’re like, “let me let you know that I get it. I love the music. That’s great, but beyond that… it’s deeper than that.” And just to know that I can go through something and then six months later, across the planet, somebody else is going through the exact same thing and they heard the song and they’re like, “Wow,” and feel it as deeply as I felt it when wrote it.” – Kehlani, Galore Magazine

Kehlani prides herself on making music that always has a positive outcome. Regardless if the song is upbeat or an acoustic ballad, there is always a message portraying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Music has been a healing agent for the R&B songstress so she makes sure of delivering those good vibes to her fans as well.

The question of the meaning behind her album title and cover came up in the interview, after Kehlani tells the story of having up to thirty songs on a playlist to narrow down for the album. This is how SweetSexySavage came about– thinking of all themes which derived from the playlist. The image on the cover represents her rebirth and the re-education of herself with the creation of this album.

“It was a reclaiming of my life for myself. So, that’s why I was shiny, wet, short haired, and as natural as possible — besides all the glitter, I was covered in glitter. Shout out moms, came out the womb glittery. But yeah, so that’s kind of where we were going with it and I just wanted to be in my wildest form, which is why I was topless and everything.”

In discussing the songs on her album, Kehlani touches on the importance of loving yourself before you can love anyone else. With an analogy from the great, wise philosopher Osho, she advises that you should be aware of your feelings and make sure to feel them out and work through them. “You can’t fill yourself back up if you’re not letting things out. So, feel it out — let it out and make room for good energy.”  What great advice from some one who is only 21 and still learning and figuring out life!

Catch more of her amazing photos below!

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