Why Kevin Abstract Is An Artist to Watch

If you haven’t already caught wind of Kevin Abstract, now is the time.

A Texas native, the 20 year old has lived in many places but has still crafted a sound that is uniquely his own. His approach feels organic and intimate. A pervasive theme throughout all of his projects is his candidness – he openly expresses his struggles with coming out to his strict family, combatting rigid stereotypes, and just the stress of being a young creative.

Only recently has the taboo of discussing sexuality in music slightly diminished, however, progress continues to be slow within the black and brown communities. Although artists like Frank Ocean and ILOVEMAKONNEN have publicly shared that they are members of the LGBTQ community, we still rarely hear references of this in music. Just as many artists openly discuss their heterosexual deviances and relations, there seems to be silence on the other side of the spectrum out of fear for losing their audience.

It’s important to note that Kevin isn’t defining himself as a “gay artist” – he is simply existing as a musician skillfully discussing his life which happens to sometimes involve his queerness. This approach is so incredibly necessary because it rips the band aid off of the bullet wound so-to-speak. He casually tells the world, we exist and it’s not a phenomenon.

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His video for “Empty” is much more of a short film in its cinematography and attention to the storyline than a music video, but it reinstates his purpose. We won’t ruin the plot twist but we can say that it encourages a breach in our pattern of thinking, as much of his music does.

Kevin Abstract is important because he is unapologetically himself, he doesn’t tip toe around his identity, nor does he waiver in the face of institutionalized prejudices. Beyond that, both his music and films are sincere and noteworthy.

Check out more of music from Kevin here – also peep his crew Brockhampton for more radical tunes.

Album : http://american-bf.us

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