The Key to Washing Your Face Without Damage

Since I was young, I’ve thought of myself as a bit of a skin guru. I was always obsessed with the creams and serums that my mom would use on her skin and would beg her to let me use them on my already baby soft skin. Even though she wouldn’t let me use her fancy-looking products, it didn’t stop my love for skincare and beauty from blossoming. I created a meticulous skincare regimen that I could do every night and made sure that I was very consistent.

Over the years of my continuous hunt for the best skincare regimens and tips, I’ve read some things that are just plain crazy, but I’ve also read things that have stuck with me. The most important thing that I’ve learned about any skincare product or routine is that the key to results is consistency. Because of the simple fact that skin type varies so much from person to person, it is important to note that works best for your bestie might not work for you at all! It is easy to get caught up in the wave of trying one new product after the next, but there are some essential skincare practices that you can always count on.

For decades, we’ve heard that you should wash your face with warm water to open your pores and to rinse with cold water to close them. It turns out that the key is somewhere in between. The way to wash your face, and minimize any lasting damage while you’re at it, is to wash and rinse with lukewarm water. According to Dr. Rivera, a L’Oreal skin care expert, majority of skin care products are tested in cold, lukewarm and hot water, but keep the ideal temperature of lukewarm in mind. “Lukewarm water will help ensure that your cleanser gets the right amount of foaming action, removes enough dirt from the surface of your skin and balances your skin’s natural oils,” says Dr. Rivera.

Applying water of extremely different temperatures to your skin can cause irritation, excess dryness and blood vessel ruptures. This will easily reverse the years of patience you put into your skin care routine. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have sensitive skin, make sure that you’re treating your skin well and incorporate this tip into your daily routine.

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