Kick Your Fall Style Up a Notch With a Beret

Our Downtown Sweetheart is back from Paris after a jam-packed week of Fashion Week shows and events, and we want to share a style tip for fall inspired by Vashtie’s trip! One of the most chic style trends this fall is the beret because its an incredibly simple way to turn a normal outfit into a full look. This classic Parisian accessory has been a favorite among models and fashion lovers forever, because it’s truly a timeless — and seasonless — piece. If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your fall wardrobe, look no further. Check out these three simple ways to incorporate a beret into your style.

The Classic Black


You can never go wrong with a “Little Black” anything, and the same rule applies for the beret! Whether you’re rocking it with prints, like our Downtown Sweetheart in her plaid, or keeping it minimal with solid colors, the black is an automatic win. Pair a black beret with an all black ensemble, and you’re undoubtedly the coolest (and definitely coolest looking!) one in the room. I mean, just look at Rihanna!

The Pop of Color


For a fun and flirty twist, opt for a colored beret instead of black. My personal favorite move is to wear a colored beret that pairs with an accented color in my outfit. Not into the busy look? Try wearing a bright orange beret with a neutral sweater and your favorite denim bottoms. The color will pop against your otherwise subdued look, while still being subtle if you’re not trying to make to loud of a statement. Also try styling colored berets with different hues of the same color for a monochromatic approach. You can find a wide range of colored berets on websites like Amazon or Etsy.

The Leather


For the badass who loves to add an edgy kick to her fit, these leather berets by New York-based brand, Glazed, are a must-have! These berets come in varying colors and make an already perfect accessory even more lovely. With such a statement piece, you don’t have to do much else and can let the hat do all the work. For an evening look, wear your leather beret with a leather mini-skirt or a silky blouse. Mixing textures of the same color is a great way to elevate a look and give it layers. 

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