Kick Off Black History Month These 3 Easy To Watch/Listen to Videos of Malcolm X, Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni with James Baldwin!

Life is so busy! Between staying alive and warm, trying to be healthy, the hustle of work and social commitments; taking time to educating yourself on things can be a challenge. For a while now, I have found that – the in between moments, like walking to the gym or eating lunch – I listen to YouTube videos on an array of informative topics (like “how to make vegan coquito”, or “who was the world’s youngest virgin” or “how is gold made”).

It’s a technique that comes in handy. With all the endless scrolling we do on Instagram, we have some time every now and again to learn something new. Since today marks the first day of Black History Month, why not kick it off with listening to some interesting speeches, performances and interviews that can be listened to at work, in your car or at the gym. Here are 3 that I enjoyed to get you started!

1. James Baldwin & Nikki Giovanni, a conversation. London, 1971.

2. Maya Angelou, Live and Unplugged.

3. Malcolm X. CBS Interview, 1964

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