Kid Super got some heat on the way

It seems like everywhere you look, you just can’t get away from Kid Super. Whether his threads are being rocked by Wale, Young Thug, Taylor Bennett,Lil Uzi, or Squid Nice, his threads are hard not to love. As of lately founder of the  Kid Super brand as well as painter, and musical artist Colm Dillane has been uploading major creative projects. Late last year the NY-based designer sold a lot of pieces via Complex Con and shortly after released his look book and a very eye-capturing visual(directed and edited by David Wept) that included multiple two piece sets, belts, hats, and totes on  some very fly older individuals that dance probably better than most of us.

Fast forward to the new year, Kid Super has been uploading new gear that we can’t wait to get our hands on. The gear isn’t available to the public just yet via his site but when these looks hit the site, it’ll be a great day for everyone. Some of his latest looks that he has uploaded to the gram include sweat suits, burgundy abstract pants, and snap away sets. With that being said, be prepared to see some Kids Super uniforms and accessories he has on the way. To celebrate his latest collection, there was a visual made that went behind the scenes of Kid Super’s Class of 2018 shoot. Peep the fire that Colm has on the way below, stay tuned, and get ready to be served this year’s super looks brought to you by Kid Super.


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