The Kids Are Alright in ChloeXHalle’s World


It’s very hard to ignore real talent when you see it. I still remember watching the video for “Fall” by ChloeXHalle, the melody stayed in my head for days. Same goes for “Drop,” I’d watch the video every time it came on. It was different, edgy, and captivating. Last week Friday evening I happen to be browsing through the channels when I saw that ChloeXHalle’s short film The Kids Are Alright was on MTV Live. I caught the short film a little late but that didn’t stop me from being glued to my television for the next twenty minutes. I noticed a familiar f ace, Ashton Sanders from Moonlight. My brain went to overdrive as I tried to focus on both the music as well as the visual. The short film was different, edgy, and captivating. By the time the short film was over I felt shortchanged, I wanted more.

Watching ChloeXHalle be dragged by their beautiful locks reminded me of a really good thriller. I loved seeing Chloe twist her sister Halle’s locks as she sat in between her thighs; it gave me “Lemonade” vibes. But my most favorite part of this short film would be the video for “Happy Without Me”. Dressed in metallic outfits and body glitter the sisters looked like goddesses. Making Ashton an angel they moved around with ease and whimsy was also beautiful. The video for that particular song reminded me of what it feels like to be infatuated with someone however the song is about the complete opposite.

I have been listening to “The Kids Are Alright” every chance I get. I listen to it when I’m washing my hair. I listen to it during my showers before work. I listen to it on the train ride to and from work. I listen to it while I’m working. I love this album. Initially I’d expected their debut album to be filled with quintessential teen bops, but boy was I surprised. ChloeXHalle are singing about making their stakes on adulthood, the highs and lows of emotion, ambition, not having life completely figured out, love lost, growth, love, and God. A huge part of me wished this album came out when I was eighteen to guide me along. At eighteen you think you have the world all figured out but in reality you don’t even have yourself figured out.

I can listen to this album without skipping any songs, but of course I have my favorites. My favorite songs off this album are Hi Lo (featuring GoldLink), Everywhere, Fake (featuring Kari Faux), Down, Baptize, Happy Without Me (featuring Joey BadAss, Warrior, Cool People and Drop. I appreciate the fact that ChloeXHalle’s album is not littered with features. I enjoyed Gold Link’s verse on Hi Lo, I never heard a Kari Faux verse before but I’m glad I did when I listened to “Fake”, and I really liked Joey Badass’ verse on “Happy Without Me” felt so nostalgic and smooth. I love how the sisters sound individually and I also love how they sound together. At times their voice harmonizes so well together that I couldn’t tell who was singing what part. On certain songs their voices got really deep and other songs they were hitting very high notes.

ChloeXHalle’s versatility is out of this world. I am so impressed with their creativity; majority of the album is written and produced by the sisters. Being able to do so is a feat in its own. I admire their ability to stand outside the box and soar. I hope the two sisters continue to push the envelope on what is considered pop and r&b. I also hope they’ll be going on tour to perform this album; I’m looking forward to hearing these songs live. What are your favorite songs off the album? Which songs do you think deserve an actual video?

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