Knotty NYC Provides New Looks in the Comfort of your Home

When you’re a woman constantly on the go, traveling to your hair and makeup appointment seems impossible. For Vashtie, it’s much easier for her makeup and hair to be done at home, this way she can plan for gigs and have several services done at once, saving time. Knotty NYC believes in saving time.

Knotty NYC Is a mobile beauty bar that specializes in hair, nails and makeup services wherever you are. Based in New York, they travel to your door making your life so much easier. According to their website, they will send a professional stylist to you while you get work done on your laptop or just relax.

Services they offer:

Nails: Vashtie loves looks full of diamonds

Hair: Bouncy blowouts or precise curls for the girls

Makeup: We adore eyeshadow Vashtie

Weddings: Oh yeah?

Photoshoots and Events: There’s always time for a shoot on the block

If you’re in need of a quick beat or a new lock, Knotty NYC can be the traveling service for you.


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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