Bay Rapper Larry June Expects Everything Organic

“Sock it to me,” “Good job, Larry,” & “Yeah, baby,”  are just a few of the 70’s inspired phrases you’ll hear frequently from Bay Area rapper, Larry June. Arguably, his most memorable signature phrase is “Yee”– which is peppered throughout each of his tracks. If you’re familiar with the Bay Area rap scene, you’ll know that this phrase is synonymous with the culture of the Northern California region. Punchy, sarcastic, and a notably Cali bass, June’s carefree ad-libs are a signature in his rhymes–  giving him that lovable vibe we don’t always see in rappers. June’s subject matter typically includes girls, money, and… his love for organic, healthy meals.

Due to his increase in profits from being in the rap game, Larry makes a point to rap about his love of shopping at Whole Foods and doesn’t neglect that he knows the value of a balanced diet. He even has a chain crafted in a similar fashion to the Whole Foods branded logo.

June even states in his song, “Larry Kilo,” “Everything organic b***h,” in case he wasn’t clear enough before. As a nod to choosing the wholesome options over fast food, June isn’t afraid to show he’s about a healthy lifestyle. This is usually not something most rappers would mention in their verses, but June is an exception.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if other rappers got on board to this healthy bandwagon– or if June became a spokesperson for Whole Foods in the future…yee!

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