A Leading Lady in the Game: Tiffany Haddish

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When it comes to Tiffany Haddish, she is  a person who plays by her own rules. From taking care of her sisters and brothers at a young age and living in foster homes to making people laugh, acting, becoming an author, and producing. Tiffany Haddish is not only a show-stopper but she is a leading lady in the game who is showing no signs of slow down.

Some of us may have known the comedian, actress, and producer from her role in the drama series If Loving You Is Wrong or The Carmichael Show or possibly through her guest appearances on shows like The Real Husbands of Hollywood, That’s So Raven, Def Comedy Jam, Just Jordan, and other comedy series. Rather you’re familiar with her resume or not, one project that made us all want to become automatic bff’s with her is Girl’s Trip where she played the role of Dina. Not only did the film ring in great reviews and a boatload of gap, but the film highlighted the very reason why she was the break-out star we needed to shift our attention to.

Following the very successful film, Tiffany’s She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood comedy special aired on Showtime that highlighted her hilarious perspective of her own highs and lows that she had experienced throughout life. After the world got to take notice  of Tiffany’s ability to make you laugh and relate with no filter, Tiffany soon earned her way into a very honorable spot on SNL as the first the first black female stand-up comedian to ever host.

After capturing the world’s attention with her sense of humor, Tiffany decided to give us insight on the very things that led her to the path of comedy that December with her memoir The Last Black Unicorn. The book not only allowed us witness Tiffany’s life but it also earned Tiffany the 15th spot on New York Times’  best-seller list.

While Haddish works to be the best female comedian and actor, Haddish has much she plans on accomplishing and being apart of. In January, Tiffany inked a deal for She Ready productions with HBO for 2 years, she recently appeared on the carpet and stage for the Oscars,  will be playing  Tracy Morgan’s co-stat on  TBS’s sitcom The Last O.G, she’s currently partners with Groupon, she will be the first black woman to ever host the MTV movie awards, she is currently on her “She Ready” stand-up comedy tour, and she will be executive producing a line of upcoming projects in collaboration with Paramount. Tiffany Haddish is definitely leading the world of entertainment in a very big way.


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