LIFE: 3 Simple Dishes To Compliment Your Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

For those of you out there who are vegan, transitioning to vegan, or have a predominantly plant based diet like myself, I curated a list of 3 simple yet very delicious vegan recipes that you can add to your Thanksgiving meal. Let’s face it, being vegan can often times come off as a challenge to someone who isn’t familiar with the diet and one can only assume that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be as enjoyable but I beg to differ! There are so many unique recipes that cater to vegan and raw diets that seamlessly instill the essence of Thanksgiving and all its goodness! Take a look at the recipes below!

Sweet Potato Cornbread:

You can’t have thanksgiving without cornbread right? Check out the recipe HERE.

Vegan Mac & Cheese:

It may not be as good as your mom’s mac & cheese but it comes pretty close to the real deal. Get the recipe HERE.

Vegan Apple Pie:

Apple Pie is a staple thanksgiving dessert to have alongside your sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. Check out the recipe HERE.

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