LIFE: Animal Haven x 3rd Annual Performance For The Animals x Jon Stewart, Josh Madden, Curtis Kulig, Stretch Armstrong & DJ Eli Escobar x Top Of The Standard (6.4.13)

Me at Animal Haven’s 3rd Annual Performance For The Animals at The Standard Hotel NYC wearing Theory by Theyskens Dress and Bag, Surface To Air Boots

When my friend Dana Veraldi, of Deer Dana, asked me to be apart of this wonderful charity event for Animal Haven – you guys know I was more than down! I’ve been a bleeding heart for animals and animal causes since I can remember. The first cat I ever owned was a kitten I rescued at the tender age of 6 after finding that the neighborhood kids were holding it hostage and torturing it. By age 7 I was donating my little chump change to Green Peace to save the dolphins. Long story short, I love animals.

A 6 year-old Vashtie & her kitty Tessa that she rescued from the rotten neighborhood kids.

My mother was adamant about not liking cats, but allowed me to keep the first one – supporting my heroic endeavors. Later, she fell in love and we ended up adopting 2 other stray cats to the dismay of my brother and sister who were allergic.

Josh Madden getting snapped by the photographers.

Curtis Kulig and Vashtie

Josh Madden and Vashtie

DJ Eli Escobar & Stretch Armstrong

Karl Justin & Me


If you’re looking to find a pet, DO NOT BUY A PET  and certainly avoid buying puppies that come from Puppy Mills.

Adoption is the best choice.

Give an animal a home and you will not regret it. If not, support your local Animal Shelters by donating your money or better yet your time.





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